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Global Girlboss Rajni Carney Empowers Communities Through Her Socially Conscious Retail Scarf Company

We manage to catch Rajni Singh Carney right as she’s about to embark on a transatlantic move from Ireland to California. The half-Indian, half-Filipina girlboss is meticulously ironing out every last wrinkle to do with the relocation, and while she still considers the Philippines home, “home” is what she is determined to build for her family on America’s West Coast. It’s requiring her to dedicate her full attention to successfully coordinating a seamless transition, so much so that the online store for her socially conscious retail scarf company, une écharpe – une vie (which translates to “one scarf one life”) has been put on pause while the Carney family makes their big move.

A street blogger rocks une écharpe – une vie, supporting and empowering marginalized
girls and women from weaving communities around the world


“First and foremost, I am a mom and wife. Everything else comes after that,” Rajni shares.

It’s a big statement for an entrepreneur; one who knows the importance of consistency and momentum. Of deliberate and focused work. Building a startup is as much about resilience as it is a great concept. Rajni lends us a glimpse into her personal process:

“I am constantly learning and ever since starting up, it has been a constant cycle of growth:

  1. I do
  2. I make mistakes
  3. I analyse and reflect 
  4. I dust off my knees, take everything I've got, pick myself up, and keep going
  5. I reap the benefits of my hard work

Then go through the cycle again. Each time, facing tasks more challenging than the previous.”


Global Girlboss Rajni Singh Carney, poised to takeover California after making her mark in Europe


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Dr. Singh, Rajni’s father, a highly respected and brilliant scientific mind, set the standard for excellence in their household growing up, and his work, while in the realm of ecology, genetics, and biotechnology, has influenced and informed Rajni’s understanding of growth and community.

It is why she has chosen to run a cause integration company that responds to poverty through empowerment, engaging weavers and their communities from countries across the globe. Co-founded with Christine Cool, who does communications work with the World Health Organization in Yemen, the brand sells in multiple retail stores throughout Ireland, and by way of pop up stores with The Laundress, Soho NYC, and Brown Thomas Dublin.

Photo by Christina J Irwin (another kickass Filipina/Australian living in Donegal, Ireland!)


And while life in a castle in Ireland may have been idyllic, the move to California affords Rajni new opportunities; among them, utilizing all four languages she speaks (English, Filipino, Spanish, and French) to broaden the horizons for her brood and for her business.


#mothersday is just around the corner ( this Sunday folks!) and this week we are dedicating all of our posts to all the amazing moms ?? we have been #blessed to have encountered on this journey.. From our clients to our partners, we want to honor them this week for who they are and all they've done. Raj and I are moms ourselves and we have been impacted by the lives of our own moms. In that vein we want to impart to our sons all the beautiful lessons we've learned growing up and how, most importantly, one person can help change the world.???? #sociallyresponsible #fashion #ethicalfashion #nyc #sustainablefashion #sustainablestyle #fashionforgood #style #womensfashion #womensempowerment #socialgood #socent #fairtradefashion #womensaccessories #scarves #accessories #fashionaccessories #fairtrade #fbloggers #ethicalfashion #thecity #conscious #westcoast #vsco #uniquegifts #unique

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Rajni with co-founder and business partner, Tiff Cool


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What do you spend your most productive hours doing?

As a business owner, I am "on" all the time. Between being a wife, a mom, and a business owner, I have to be productive 90 percent of the time, whether it's taking care of my family or managing my business. I take a 12-hour day and allocate hours depending on my tasks on hand. Each day, I create a check list and try to accomplish EVERYTHING with a given set of hours. When I accomplish my to do list within the day, then I feel productive. It could take a few hours or it could take 12. So what do I spend my most productive hours doing? Making sure my family and my business are taken care of.


What would you do with a spare 30 minutes during your day?

Zone out or in Tagalog, "magmuni-muni"  :) 


Rajni’s secret to stress relief? Kickboxing to Cardi B!


Why do you do what you do?

I want to help elevate people.


What are some routines, systems, or habits that keep you performing at your best—physically, mentally, spiritually?

I believe being physically healthy ties directly with having a good mental health. I exercise four to five days a week. I make time to have balance between self-care, family life, and work. Spiritually, I live life in constant gratitude. 


What are a few moments in your career that made you want to pinch yourself? 

The very first time the company got featured on The Irish Times and when The Laundress agreed to partner with us for pop up events.


What is a quote that brings you strength or solace?

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." - Elizabeth Kubler- Ross


When are you at your most confident?

When I feel I am in good shape mentally and physically. 


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Did you have anyone that looked like you to look up to in the career that you wanted to pursue?

My father. Not only do I look like him, but I have always wanted to be just as smart and successful. He is the most intelligent human being I know. 


If there's anything you want people to take away from your journey, what would that be?

Not to be afraid to constantly challenge yourself.


Before you go, could you put us onto something you love? (be it a life hack, a product, a podcast, poem, idea, person, etc.) 

Two highly entertaining podcasts: "This American Life" and "Caliphate" and the song "Thru Your Phone" by Cardi B while kickboxing is a great way to relieve stress (if that's your cup of tea).


Website: ,

IG: @uneecharpeunevie

FB: une écharpe - une vie

Twitter: @echarpe_vie


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