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How To Feng Shui The Heck Out Of Your Office

The Year of the Dog is coming and what better way to usher in good luck and shoo the bad karma than arranging your office space or desk? Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional system that seeks to harmonize the individual with his or her environment to create a good flow of energy.


Marites Allen


The Philippine Feng Shui Queen Marites Allen is the first and only Filipino to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master of Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association. According to her, there are many generaly ways to improve the flow of energy in your office space or desk from fixing the orientation of your desk to placing lucky charms on your work table.

One of the key aspects of office feng shui is the orientation of your desk. Regardless if you have a whole office space to yourself or a desk in a room full of your workmates, it’s always best to try to orient your desk towards the front door. If your boss does not allow you to change your desk’s orientation, place a mirror on your desk to reflect the office entrance.

According to the principles of feng shui, orienting your desk towards the door is key to help you see and seize the opportunities as they come to your career.

If you’re looking for the best kind of work desk for your office, you should consider hardwoods like Narra. Wood elements in feng shui symbolizes personal and business growth. If it’s possible, use Chinese granite for the base of the table. This stone element stands for durability, strength, and trust.



It’s also important to keep your desk tidy and organized at all times. According to feng shui, clutters representing anything unfinished, unresolved, tolerated, or disorganized. Clear the clutter and organize your desk in a way that suits you to usher in the flow of creativity.

You can also put auspicious trinkets and feng shui cures and enhancers on your desk to boost the flow of fortune and good energy. According to Allen, put a weath ship, which is a galleon with billowy sails. Never keep the ship empty—fill it with currency or golden ingots and it will serve to attract income.

To enhance the wealth energy, add in a jade double fish into the mix. The position of the fish as if it was jumping out of the water symbolizes the energy to jumpstart something new. The jade material serves to attract healing energy.

For business people, Allen suggests a golden Dragon Sword on a stand, which is an amulet that can keep competitors at bay and scares off cheating.




There are also auspicious paintings you can hang on your office like these 8-Auspicious Symbols , 9-Horses Painting, 9-Phoenix Painting, and 9-Dragons Painting. In feng shui, nine and increments of nine is considered extremely powerful.






For more information about how you can improve your office and home’s feng shui, grab Marites Allen’s Chinese New Year 2018 Must Haves, which is a set of guides that provides feng shui advice on suitability and conflict regarding family, love, money, power, career, and more. Chinese New Year 2018 Must Haves by Marites Allen is distributed by ABS-CBN Publishing and is available in FRIGGA Charmed Life Boutiques and leading bookstores nationwide. Also, based on Marites Allen's best-selling Feng Shui Almanac, she launched a mobile app thay will help users navigate the Year of the Earth Dog with confidence. It provides a daily forecast including a list of suitable and unsuitable activities. Available for download on Android through Google Play and soon on iOS!