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Jennifer Lawrence Has A Tip To All Hardworking Women For Getting Paid Well

In 2015, Jennifer Lawrence wrote an op-ed piece on Lenny Letter titled, “Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?” On her article, Lawrence wrote about how she struggled not to come off as “difficult or spoiled” just because she wanted a paycheck that’s equal to the men she was working with, and how after beating around the bush for long, she decided to just stand up and earn the respect—and pay—that she deserved, no genitals involved.

Now, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most expensive actresses on Hollywood, with an estimated net worth of about $120 million. Last year, Lawrence was believed to be the third highest paid actress in Hollywood, earning $24 million in that year alone.

And this success has come to her because she wanted it—and she worked and negotiated for it. In an interview with 60 Minutes last week, Lawrence said, “I am hard on myself…Too many people sacrificed so that I could be here. My parents, you know, changed their entire lives to support me.  And I worked too hard to get here to be stupid about it.”

During the interview, her op-ed piece was brought up and it turned out that the piece was written right after the information got out that she was paid way less than her male co-stars in American Hustle. In the essay, Lawrence blamed herself, saying “Because I didn't fight hard enough. It was my own mentality that led me to believe that I didn't deserve to be paid equally.”

But she has long passed that mark. Now, she wants to inspire her fellow women to know their worth—and fight for it. “I feel I know my worth, and I feel like I work to keep it that way,” she said. And that’s exactly what she wants other women to become: a woman who will say no when she feels she is undervalued, and negotiate for the price they deserve.


Photo from Jennifer Lawrence's Official Facebook page