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Business Mama: Former ANC Business Anchor Maiki Oreta Shares The Lessons She Learned From Kiddopreneur

Former ANC business anchor Maiki Oreta shares the lessons she has learned from Kiddopreneur, a fun and conducive platform that she founded with the hopes of inspiring the Filipino youth to be interested in entrepreneurship at an early age.


Business and handling money are like piano lessons.

The more you practice, the better you get. The problem, Maiki says, is that nobody teaches kids anything about money at a young age, when it’s something that they should expose themselves to. “They are not going to learn about entrepreneurship in a book. They have to feel it. Maybe learn product development firsthand through practical experience or by learning from mistakes. Build customer relationship by selling. Parents need to teach their kids how to earn, and just as important, teach them that earning can be more fun and rewarding than spending. With Kiddopreneur, we provide the venue to learn business.”


Envision yourself as an entrepreneur and have better chances at success.

“Who do you think has the higher chance of success in life—the one whose mindset is to become an employee, or the one whose mindset is to become an entrepreneur? In Kiddopreneur, our overarching goal was always to create things that will up the ante of the Filipino youth. We want to empower them to write their own future, to develop unique and original ideas that they can own. They have to envision themselves as an entrepreneur and start acting like one. They may fail at one point, but at the end of it they will learn resilience.”


Anchor your business into a larger-than-life mission and vision.

The main goal of Kiddopreneur is to change the mindset of Filipinos. “Instead of being known as a country that exports talents and labor, we want to make employees stay in the country and generate modes of income through businesses. In turn, these businesses will provide employment opportunities to other Filipinos.”


Remember to ‘Earn, Save, Invest and Donate.’

“These are our guiding principles. We encourage kids (and the parents as well) to earn their own money, save a portion of it, invest in order to make their money grow, and lastly, donate to give back to the community.”


Entrepreneurs need mentorship more than their need for funding.

Every entrepreneur needs guidance and inspiration, more so if parents are planning to teach their children. Parents play a huge role in the development of their kids, in their passion and interests. Therefore, if they receive encouragement and support from their parents, their chances of success in business and life increase tenfold.




This article first appeared in Working Mom June 2016 issue

Photography by Ronan Capili

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