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How She "Maid" It: Metro Channel Features Rebecca Bustamante, Who Takes Charge Of Her Life To Become A Successful CEO

Rebecca Bustamante’s story is a story of unrelenting hard work, passionate dedication, and resilience—and how one, from any background or walk of life, can take charge of their life and become whoever they want to be.

At a very young age of 18, Rebecca packed her bags and flew to Singapore to apply as a domestic helper to help raise her siblings. Still aching from the recent death of her mother, and without the help of her alcoholic father, Rebecca carried with her the responsibility of providing for her younger siblings and the dream of developing herself to reach bigger goals.

Throughout the day, Rebecca would spend her time completing her duties in her Singaporean household. At night, she would bring out her books, study and complete assignments she would take from a Singaporean professor at an Open University she would visit during her day-offs.

Armed with knowledge, hope, and perseverance, in just three years, Rebecca was able to fly to Canada, where she was able to put up her very first nanny recruitment services. Continuing her studies, her many sideline work, and networking, Rebecca would soon enter the corporate world, go back finally to the Philippines, and then later on set up her very own multinational management recruitment company with her husband.

True to her moniker, “Self-made,” Rebecca shares how she was able to conquer mountains of challenges and hardships before she was able to make it to where she is now. Today, to give back to the community and help more people achieve success in life, she focuses on organizing forums that help develop individuals and Filipino companies. All of these she does, in her owns words, “to make Philippines first world.”

Watch the full story of Rebecca, and get to know the beautiful, motivated, and candid character that she is on the latest episode of Driven on Metro Channel. You can catch her story and the other full-length episodes of Driven, a half-hour show featuring women of substance hosted by Tricia Centenera, on iWantTV.