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Online Skincare Shopping Made Easy, More Secure, And Cheaper, Too!

What indeed can be more relaxing and fulfilling that skincare shopping? 

But then again, traditional shopping has become a bit cumbersome, with worries of traffic and the sheer number of people flocking the mall. So if these have become reasons why you're not getting some much-deserve skincare shopping, you'll be pleased to know that you don't even have to leave the house to do your shopping anymore!

E-commerce is taking off in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region in the recent year, even more so in the Philippines. According to the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, the SEA internet economy has surprised its $200 billion estimate last year. 

Shopee, as a multinational e-commerce site, has immensely benefited from this technological wave. The Roadmap found that Shopee is the fastest growing ecommerce platform as of 2017, just one year into its existence in the Philippines.

So all you beauty junkies who have always scoured the internet for good prices and easy shipping deals, you now know where to go.



Because of a recent partnership between Nivea and Shopee, users in the Southeast Asia region, from Singapore to Philippines, can now enjoy a convenient access to skincare products by Nivea through the ecommerce site. This means all the convenience and skincare needs done without the hassle of scouring the huge stores or lining up the cashier!

You don't even have to worry about shipping fees or bogus sellers because Nivea has set up an official store on Shoppee. This means all your purchases are secured and 100 percent authentic, and comes with free shipping and a 7-day free return guarantee. Finally, right, someone who cares about their customers!



“E-commerce has continued to gain traction in the region as a result of increasing internet and smartphone penetration. Expanding our business online will provide consumers with convenience and access to Nivea products, and provide them with value-added services such as different payment and shipping options,” said Holger Welters, President Director of PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, parent company of Nivea.

Nivea is also offering discounts and promotion on their products via Shopee. So if you've been meaning to buy some sunscreen for your next beach trip, lotion, or even facial wash, might as well check out their online store now while discounts are abound.