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Supercharge Your Year With These Amulets: From Increasing Popularity To Avoiding Legal Problems

Feng Shui charms and trinkets are all around us, many claiming different ways to enhance your life or boost your wealth. If you’re unsure where to start, why not start with these easy to use amulets and lucky mantra medallions, perfect for improving specific facets of your life?

Wealth-increasing amulet

On top of many lists is the desire to boost your business’s profitability or acquire more money, generally. The medallion is embossed with the Success Syllable for smooth, hindrance-free endeavors. It can assist you in improving the returns on any of business investments you do as long as your business intentions are clear, honest, and is beneficial to mankind as a whole.



Protection from evil spirits

There are many types of negative spirits that can harm your body, mind, and speech. Some of these bad spirits are Di Fu Ling, ghosts that have been bound to a certain place, and Phi Tai Hong, ghosts of those who have died suddenly or unexpectedly. Use this medallion to ward off bad spirits and use especially when traveling to a new or dangerous place.


Politics mantra

This medallion is engraved with a mantra to give you good luck in your connections. With this, you can turn foes into friends with the reliable networking luck that is ushered in by the medallion. Carry it with you when you’re meeting with people to close contracts or participate in project biddings. If you feel that your loved ones, friends, or family members are losing faith and trust, wear this medallion as a necklace, keep it close to your heart, and make a fervent wish to make things better.


Popularity and attractiveness

If you’re in the world of entertainment or politics, charm is your number one ally. If you need the support to gain fame and popularity, use this amulet equipped with a special mantra to help you be perceive as more attractive, compassionate, pleasant, and likeable. This amulet is also perfect for aspiring writers and hard-working students.



Stay away from the #7 Robbery or Betrayal Star by keeping this medallion close to your person at all times. Robbery does not only come as physical thefts—they also come in the form of being taken advantage of by friends and colleagues with dishonest intentions. You can also avoid backstabbing and jealousy in the workplace by keeping this charm.


Anti-legal problems

Are you facing a legal problem or are you wanting to sue someone for something they’ve done? Carry this amulet around as a protection from the Quarrelsome #3 which brings arguments, stress, lawsuits, legal problems, raised tempers, and conflict. If you’re currently involved in a legal argument, this medallion will boost your chances of turning the odds in your favor.