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This Girlboss Shares Why Travelling Can Boost One’s Business

Isabel Koa of Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) won an experience of a lifetime, heading to France as the winner of Globe MyBusiness’ Solutions promo

The promo, held from July 5 to September 15, welcomed loyal clients and restaurant, café, and food business owners who had recently availed of the Globe MyBusincess ICT solutions for their enterprises. On the tour, the winners had the opportunity to travel and learn from key industry leaders who have established a successful food business in the culinary global capital.


“It was a truly unique and amazing experience,” begins Koa. “I was really excited about the planned tours to the outskirts of France, and being able to learn about the food industry there as well.”


Moving forward in business

Koa, the Business Development Manager of FIC, had availed of Globe MyBusiness solutions in automating FIC’s tracking system. FIC was established in 1997 with the desire to create premium ice cream for export. Today, FIC is available nationwide with over 30 scooping stations across the country. In addition, it exports its products to Japan, Brunei, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Macau, and Hawaii. Currently, it has also dived into the digital sphere with the launch of its online shop where customers can have their favorite ice cream ordered and delivered within Metro Manila through popular delivery services. So the automation of its tracking systems for delivery was crucial to the expansion and modernization of FIC’s operations

As ice cream is highly perishable, Koa notes that one of FIC’s greatest concerns was the proper handling of its goods during storage and the transportation. Globe myBusiness’ M2M-Fleet Management System, helped in this regard by allowing them to track the location of their trucks and monitor the temperature inside the reefer vans. “Thanks to the incredible technology, when we encounter reports from provincial branches of soft or melted products, we are now able to pinpoint when and where the temperature of the van fluctuated,” shares Isabel. “Having access to this information allows us to improve our current Cold Chain Management Processes.”


In addition to operations solutions, FIC uses Globe myBusiness Internet in its offices and all their staff use Globe myBusiness mobile plans to communicate with one another and their distributors.

Expanding one's learning

As the company heads towards digitalization and globalization, Koa was excited to learn the trends abroad when it comes to the food business. “At our vineyard tour, I learned that the production of champagne and wine is actually quite similar to the production of ice cream, in that the origin of your raw ingredients greatly affects the taste and quality of your products,” shares Koa. “Determining the appropriate amount of air to incorporate, time of ageing, etc. are all very important factor. It’s really an art.” Helping to refine her palate, Koa was able to try different wines from the Burgundy, champagne from Epernay, flower shaped Gelato from Champagne, Escargot from Dijon, and many more.


Inspired by her recent trip, Koa is excited to bring home all her learnings and apply it to the family business. “Traveling as they say is food for the soul. It encourages creativity, and the exposure to foreign cultures broadens one’s horizon. Working for a company that has its roots in the export business, I know how important it is to be updated about the current trends in the international food industry,” she says. “Learning through reading reports and articles is one way to expand your knowledge, but experiencing it first-hand (from the experts) gives you better insight and a deeper appreciation for it.”


An avid traveler, Isabel’s trips abroad are always a mix of business and pleasure, because every new experience – the sights, the smells, the sounds, the tastes - all go back to helping her do her job better. “Travelling helps me stay connected with the world, in the same way Globe does.”

“Thank you to Globe MyBusiness solutions. I’ve made a lot of new friends on this trip, and my memories with them on this adventure is something I consider as one of the most valuable experiences of my life,” she ends.

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