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Tired From Work? Take These Work Motivation Cues From Kim Chiu And Paulo Avelino

Every day has become a dreary cycle of commute-work-commute. With the daily rush hour traffic, the long work hours, and the pressure from your boss, it’s almost impossible to stay energetic for an after-work hang-out or pumped up for a session at the gym.

If you think you’re busy and pressured enough, why not ask how these two celebrities do it? Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino are two of today’s most sought-after artists, their schedules unbelievably packed with tapings, shoots, and events. Where in the world do these two stars get their energy and motivation to go through their hectic schedules day after day?


Good food

Kim admits she loves eating—which makes it harder for her to keep her figure. But for Paulo, good eating habits are essential not only in making good fuel for the body, but also for keeping yourself in shape.

“It’s very important to work out, to exercise, but another thing that people forget to consider is proper nutrition, proper balanced diet. They say six-packs are made in the kitchen and I kind of believe it’s true,” Paulo says. “Now I don’t eat meat, it’s been like almost 3 years. I eat fish from time to time. It’s more of a personal thing. Number one, it’s I don’t really enjoy eating animals and I feel sad when I see them crying and are about to be slaughtered. Second thing is health reasons, as well.”



It’s always good to work hard. But to maintain that drive to keep working hard, never forget to play hard, as well. Keep a health work-life balance to make sure you’re not wearing your body and yourself out too much.

Kim and Paulo reveals that they barely have enough time to go on vacations with their busy schedules. But this coming Holy Week, they promise they’re making time for themselves and their families. Paulo wants to spend some time at the beach and Kim is looking to go someplace cooler.



Passion for your work

For both Kim and Paulo, the one thing that makes them wake up each day is the joy and fulfillment that they take from their work. Work is never work when it’s something you love doing.

“For me to actually finish a project or a film…’yung fulfillment ’pag alam mong, ‘Wow, tapos na.’ And I know I did good. I’m proud of this film,” Paulo says about what keeps him motivated to see a project to its end.



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For Kim, “Do what makes you happy. Acting makes me happy, singing dancing makes me happy. Joining fun run and races. What I’m doing, I know is it makes me happy.”



Sometimes, eating healthy is not enough for you to take in all the nutrients and minerals you need to keep your body in tip-top shape. That’s why Kim and Paulo makes sure they take a tablet of vitamins every morning to boost them for the full day they have ahead.