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Start A Productive Week With These Work Rituals

Do you have a difficult time getting out of bed on a Monday morning? Do you drag your feet out the door—despite loving your job? Maybe all you need is to set a ritual that signals your mind and body that the work week is starting. Here are some suggestions on work week starters to get you psyched for the week ahead.


Pick your outfit for the week

One way to start your work week is by preparing for it as early as Sunday. Mornings can be stressful when we start it off early faced with many decisions to make. Lessen the stress of a Monday morning by picking out your outfits for the week the night before. List them down on a sheet tacked to your closet door or hang up your chosen outfits where you can easily see them for easy access. By choosing five different outfits for the workweek, you won’t be wasting time in the morning trying on various looks.

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Have coffee (or a green smoothie or lemon water)

If you’re the type of person who can’t start the day without a kick of java, then make sure you set aside a specific time for coffee at the start of your day. It can be those few quiet moments after waking up or the few quiet minutes before the rest of your co-workers start coming in. Whichever time you choose to have your coffee, give yourself some private time to allow yourself to prepare mentally for the busy workweek while you enjoy your coffee (or green smoothie or lemon water). Remember to set aside the same time each day for this until it becomes a weekly or daily habit.


List your to-dos for the week or day

Why not hit two birds with one stone while you’re at it? Use your coffee or green smoothie time as moment to list down your to dos for the day. One trick to creating a manageable to do list is to just jot down the most important tasks that you need to accomplish for the day. A longer list may be tempting to do, but this can only end up bogging you down further. List down only the five most pressing tasks for the day to make sure that you’re able to complete each one. 



Apple founder Steve Jobs was known to have been a regular practitioner of meditation. If his innovations at Apple are any indication of the benefits of meditation, then maybe it’s time more people take up this daily habit. Start off your week with a meditation practice to mentally prepare you for whatever challenges that come your way during the week. Meditation improves productivity as it clears the mind and allows creativity to flow freely allows creativity to flow freely. It also improves focus while also developing a sharper mind. This clarity of mind also prepares you to tackle tasks better, as you are able to plan and think ahead. Worried about not knowing where to start? Some of these apps can get you started on a meditation habit easily.

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Get active

We already know the value and benefits of exercise, so there’s no need to repeat them here. However, it’s good to remember that even just 30 minutes of exercise daily can make a big difference in your health. You can start off your week with a brisk walk in the morning, lifting some lights weights at the gym, or an energizing yoga session for the mind and body. Whatever you choose to do to get active, nothing can get your blood flowing for a jam-packed week than a rejuvenating physical activity.


Read something inspirational or motivational

Since we’re all in the habit of reaching for your smartphones upon waking up, might as well squeeze in some time to get your mindset ready for the workweek. Begin your week with an inspirational or motivational story by following a podcast, Facebook page, or an Instagram account that focuses on uplifting and positive quotes and videos. This sets your mood for the week and gets you psyched for whatever challenge may come your way.


Set a weekly personal goal

Aside from your daily to do list, it’s a great idea to set a personal goal for the week. A personal goal can be anything that improves your health, mental and emotional well-being, or even your home life. One example may be starting a daily habit of drinking at least two liters of water a day or catching up with a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Or maybe you want to schedule a “date” with one of your children or lessen your screen time glued to social networking sites. Just make sure that your weekly personal goal is something that you will look forward to and make you feel fully rewarded at the end of the week so that you have something exciting to look forward to as you go through your tasks for the busy week.




Clean your desk

It’s so easy to jump into work as soon as you get to the office, but taking the time clean and organize your desk helps get you into a productivity mindset. Besides, come Monday, your desk has gathered dust over the weekend, that a quick dusting or sanitizing with alcohol is necessary. So take the time to sort the papers on your desk, throw out old mail, documents and receipts, and put back office supplies in their proper places. Nothing will make you more excited to get to work than a clean workstation.

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Put on your happy playlist

Are you the type who enjoys working while listening to music? Create a music playlist that motivates you to get moving and boosts your mental capacity. There are a number of playlists available on Spotify, but why not take the time to create your own with a selection of songs that get you going? Whether you’re a pop princess, a K-pop fan, or a classical music enthusiast, your chosen playlist should literally set the tone for your work mood.


Make your bed

Before you head out for work, take the time to make your bed. Nothing says it’s time for work than a bedroom that’s made up. Whether you work in an office or work from a desk at home, take a few minutes to fold your blanket and fluff up your pillows. The mere act of folding and making your bed signals your brain that a work day is upon you, and gets you mentally prepared for any task ahead. You’ll also discover that a made up bed is a truly rewarding pleasure that awaits you at the end of a long, tiring day.


Take a cold shower

If all else fails, let a cold shower jolt you awake! A German study reveals that winter swimmers benefited from the ice cold water, as it developed in them an increased tolerance to stress. As you get used to the cold shower, you also become more focused and more resilient in dealing with challenging situations. Another bonus of a cold shower is increased alertness. If an ice cold bath won’t wake you enough for a busy workday, well, we don’t know what will!


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