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10 Ways to Shop Better with BDO ShopMore

Experience more rewards and more shopping fun!

Admit it, you’d like to be a shopaholic. You’d spend your free time at the mall shopping for the most exclusive items on your bucket list and you’d eat at all the restaurants you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. Or maybe, you just constantly browse through Shopee and Lazada for trinkets you might need for your home, or scour TikTok for the hottest beauty trends. Whatever your shopping level is, you can reach your shopping goals. It doesn’t have to mean you’ll throw your hard-earned money away. Instead, you can learn to shop better.

With the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, it’s easy to reach expert shopper status. ShopMore is the best retail shopping card in the market, offering a wealth of exclusive perks. After two decades, BDO ShopMore remains to be one of the banner card products of BDO with More Rewards, More Fun deals. Here are the different ways ShopMore lets you shop better:


1. Free membership on the first year!

Yup, you heard it right. Banish the thought of extra payments for the first year. With the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, your first year is absolutely free. This saves you money which you can use to, well, shop more. Plus, there’s a low monthly membership fee of only ₱150 per month from the 13th month onwards.

2. Get 250 Welcome Bonus Peso Points on your first purchase.

To jumpstart your More Rewards, More Fun journey, all you have to do is make your first purchase to get 250 Bonus Peso Points. Any purchase amount qualifies, so go ahead, buy that twisty mop you’ve been eyeing for your floors, or those Uniqlo and H&M must-haves.

3. Earn 2x Peso Points from everyday, everywhere purchases.

Double the Peso Points means double the purchases. You get 2x Peso Points from your everyday purchases–everywhere you shop. Buy a nifty gift for yourself or others!

4. Enjoy the flexibility of redeeming your Peso Points for cash credit for more shopping.

You can convert your points to cash credit or transfer it to BDO Rewards for SMAC, for even more shopping. Transfer the points to your BDO Rewards Card and shop directly at The SM Store or SM Retail Store. Go on and get that polo shirt for your husband, or that new lipstick shade you’ve been coveting for a while now.

5. Buy Now, Pay Later from over 20,000 stores nationwide at 0% interest

Imagine: 0% interest while enjoying extended payment terms in over 20,000 in-store and online partners nationwide. Nothing could be easier.

6. Cashback offers on Buy Now, Pay Later purchases

With cashback offers on Buy Now, Pay Later purchases, you get the best bang for your buck. What are you waiting for?

WorkWear at all SM Stores

7. Exclusive perks and discounts at the SM Store, SM Retail Stores, or spend anywhere

Access exclusive perks and discounts at the SM Store and SM Retail stores. You can also spend anywhere around the globe, whatever destination you’re shopping at, and even when you shop online!

8. Get instant savings and year-round deals when you shop in-store or online.

You don’t have to look far to save and get deals. Be a savvy shopper, whether you prefer shopping in-store or online. The choice is yours.


9. More discounts on dining and food deliveries

Eyeing that take-out place online? Hungry to eat at that posh restaurant? With the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, you’ll satisfy your appetite at less cost. Delicious!

10. It's good for the environment: The card is made from 100% recycled plastic!

Who thought that shopping could advance your notions of being a tree hugger? Besides being all the rage, you can be a good citizen of planet Earth–just use the ShopMore Mastercard.

There are many other ways you can shop smarter with the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, including paying your bills hassle-free with Charge on Demand and Auto Charge.

Still think you’re not a shopaholic? It’s easy to become one–intelligently. Go on and ShopMore today!

For more information, visit BDO.

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