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Best Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe and Secure

With your multiple transactions online, take note of these things to secure your account, with the help of BDO Debit Card security features

While online shopping is fast becoming more prevalent, safety and security is always a primary consideration—be it for your personal well-being, the environment you live in, the technology you use, and most especially, your hard-earned money.

With a BDO Debit Card, your money is safe and secure. You can take advantage of these enhanced Security Features by simply enrolling your account to BDO Digital Banking.

Lock & Unlock

Lock and Unlock your card anytime—anywhere. By locking your BDO Debit Card, you can prevent your account from being used for unauthorized transactions at ATMs, Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, and online sites. This is particularly advantageous when you misplace or lose your card. Once you find your card, you can just as easily unlock it.

How to Lock & Unlock:

1. Log-in to your BDO Mobile Banking App.

2. Click on “More” menu to access Security Management.

3. Slide the toggle button of the card you wish to lock/unlock.

Track Past Transactions

Make it a habit to regularly monitor your card’s transaction history. This way, you can easily track your expenses, and conveniently manage your finances. You will also be able to spot and report suspicious transactions immediately.

How to Track Past Transactions:

1. Log-in to your BDO Mobile Banking App.

2. Select which account you want to check past transactions of.

3. Right away, you can already see “Last 10 Transactions”.

If you want to see more transactions, click on magnifying glass icon. Input the date range of transactions you wish to see. Then click “Search”. The list of past transactions within date range will be shown below “Search Results”.

Personalize Limits

To give you more control over your spending, you can set the daily limit of your BDO Debit Card for different transactions such as ATM Withdrawal, Fund Transfer, PIN Based Purchase (in-store via POS terminal), and No PIN Purchase for online and signature-based transactions. The limits for every transaction can be changed from Php0 to Php200,000 for ATM Withdrawal/Fund Transfers and online purchases. And up to Php500,000 for in-store purchases via POS terminal. With this option, you can say goodbye to overspending!

How to Personalize Limits:

1. Log-in to your BDO Mobile Banking App.

2. Click “More” at the lower right portion of the BDO Mobile Banking App and a menu will appear. Click on the “Security Management” option in the menu.

3. You will be directed to the menu containing all your enrolled BDO Debit Cards and their current status. Click on the “Set Your Card Limits” option to change the Transaction Limits of your preferred BDO Debit Card. The Transaction Limits for ATM withdrawal, No PIN Purchase and PIN-Based Purchase Limit will appear. Move the toggles to increase or decrease the Transaction Limits, then click on “Save Changes” to apply these changes.

To learn more about BDO Debit Card’s Security Management features, visit the BDO website. Not yet a BDO Debit Cardholder? Open an account now. Visit your nearest BDO branch.