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Flying Out For The Holidays?

The best reasons to use your credit card when traveling

The holiday season is here and that means vacation time is just right around the corner, too! 

Whether you’re traveling with your small brood or the entire clan, have a memorable trip by maximizing the convenience of your credit card. 

Here are the best reasons why you should be using your credit card when abroad.  


Skip the money changer hunts and the constant fear of not having enough pocket money to spend during your trip—just use your credit card wherever needed. You can even say goodbye to lugging around heavy, loose change and figuring out how to spend it before flying back home. 


When traveling, it’s good to have a set budget for shopping, activities, dining and the like. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying other activities that may not be in your initial itinerary. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to travel, so enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Extend the fun, and extend your budget with the help of your credit card. 



As carefully as you plan any trip, it’s hard to anticipate every emergency. Delayed or cancelled flights, an unexpected trip to the emergency room, or a change in accommodations – easily rebook your hotel stays or flight routes with your credit card. 


Most credit cards are accepted worldwide, in thousands of stores in different countries. So wherever you are in the world, feel secure and confident to shop and spend to your heart’s content. You can even get rewards with every use—earn points or enjoy instant discounts, freebies, and rebates!

The Perks Of Going Cashless


The Perks Of Going Cashless


One of the greatest perks of using a credit card is that it allows you to enjoy your vacation now, while giving you the option to pay later. Installment plans allow you to fully enjoy your trip while making payments easier and lighter on the pocket.

When traveling, always have your BDO Credit Card on hand to enjoy a stress-free getaway!

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