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Have Control Over Your Credit Card—Whenever, Wherever—With This New Mobile App

When it comes to mobile banking Apps, the one who can proudly say they’re the leading light and copped three distinct Digital Awards in 2017 would be Citibank. Best Retail Mobile Banking Experience - Philippines from the Asset Triple A Digital Awards, Asian Banker Philippine Country Awards’ Best Internet Banking Initiative, and in the Global Finance Best Digital Bank Awards, Best Consumer Digital Bank. And you might well be thinking, so what? Or how does that affect me? 


Well, mobile banking has truly arrived globally, and continues to be the trend for the near future. If here in the Philippines, penetration has not been as rapid compared to other countries, one of the reasons may be the slow Internet speed here. But Citibank is certainly not making that an excuse, as it continues to invest dramatically in creating new business models, and taking advantage of advances in technology to make their Citi Mobile App the one that allows you to do more. Thanks to innovative and new functionalities, one can even lock and unlock one’s credit card via the app.

Whether on desktop, mobile app, or phone browser; the Citi mission is to make the customer’s journey more seamless, and to enhance capabilities to the customer’s advantage. As more than 60% of Citi Philippines customers are already enrolled in digital channels, and the biggest growth in digital enrolments has been in Mobile Banking (64% in the last 12 months); it’s evident that Citi knows where the future is headed, and is making certain that they are at the forefront of providing the best service to their mobile customers.


Primary to the app service is that one can transact anytime and anywhere, and open accounts through digital channels. Leveraging customer’s tastes, when one uses the credit card, one can use his or her reward points on the spot. And prompts can be employed in order to aid customers on where to go next within the vicinity where they made the initial purchase. That also becomes a conduit for Citibank to help their retail partners.

The Citi Mobile dashboard will show all your cards and accounts. You can track the accounts at a fingertip, and even install aids that help you track your accounts over a date and/or amount spent range. 

44% of Filipino adults have smartphones, with a 22% increase over the last two years. 
So Citibank certainly knows that whatever they spend to improve their digital capabilities, is money well spent to be at the top of their game and light the way.