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Learn How To Manage Your Money The Fun Way!

How many of us have been faced by the realization that we need to start being more proactive about managing our finances, only to find ourselves intimidated by words such as investments, assets, liabilities and credit rating?

While it may be true that most millennials prefer to experience most of life in the present, it’s also high time that we prepare for our future by learning more about how best to manage our finances. We can become money smart by reading books or surfing the net for website after website about money management, but why do that when you can learn more about financial literacy the fun way?

Put down your smartphone and close that browser, because this time, we’re going old school! Praxis, a board game developed in Singapore, was created to help individuals learn more about managing one’s finances through fun, interactive play. At the newly opened Praxis Financial Gym in Makati, a Praxis Gameplay session may be customized according to its players’ age, level of financial knowledge, and even lifestyle.

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Just like a typical tabletop game, players are assigned markers and a kind of “identity” which determines their financial status before the game starts. And much like that classic, well-known board game that just launched its millennial edition, the goal of each player is to go around the board and earn as much money at the end of the game through budgeting, saving, and investing. A certified Game Master facilitates the game and directs the flow of the game which follows real life situations such as getting ill, changing jobs, stock market changes, and more—life events that affect how we make decisions about how we use our money.

The twist, though, is that aside from just earning a lot of cash on hand, you should also have learned to invest your money in various ways, such that your money and investments have grown more than when you started the game! While this may seem all for amusement and entertainment, Praxis teaches you how to manage your money through actual experiences you might encounter in real life.

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Praxis is already being used by companies, educational institutions, financial service companies, and even government organizations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and now, the Philippines to help individuals become more financially literate. While Praxis does not sell the actual board game, those interested can come up with a group of players and drop by the Praxis Financial Gym for a game session.

Personal money management need not be scary or intimidating. All you need are the right tools to get you interested and take action.

Visit the Praxis Financial Gym at Classica 1 Condominium, 112 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City for more information

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