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Money Management Made Easy With The Metrobank Ardeur Bonus Visa Card

Cashless convenience is just within your reach with the launch of the Metrobank Ardeur Bonus VISA Card. The reloadable prepaid VISA card was specifically created for Ardeur World Marketing Corporation (Ardeur), a multi-level company engaged in the distribution of Ardeur de France products.

The Ardeur Bonus Visa Card allows Ardeur members the convenience of owning a savings account without worrying about a maintaining balance, while also having easy access to their bonuses and commissions, as the card is accepted at any BancNet and Visa ATMs nationwide. Ardeur members are also able to enjoy cashless shopping convenience in hundreds of VISA-affiliated merchants around the world, as well as online.

(Left to right) Metrobank Card Corporation AVP - Wholesale Acquisition Head Frederick Piedad, Metrobank Card Corporation SVP - Head of Prepaid and Insurance Aloysius Alday, Jr., Ardeur World Marketing Corporation President Arven Valmores, Ardeur World Marketing Corporation Chairman Bismark Turingan, Jr., and Ardeur World Marketing Corporation Marketing Director Jose Obien

Sending and receiving money is also more convenient and hassle-free as the Ardeur Bonus Visa Card may be reloaded at Ardeur main branch sales offices and at over 12,000 loading partners nationwide such as SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, National Bookstore, Family Mart, 7-Eleven and other ECPay Merchant Parnters.

The Ardeur Bonus Visa Card allows the members to enjoy cashless convenience through card acceptance in hundreds of VISA-affiliated merchants, including online stores, around the world. More than just a prepaid card, the Ardeur Bonus Visa Card can also serve as a savings account, with the added perk of no maintaining balance.


New Ardeur members beginning June 19, 2019 can avail of the Ardeur Bonus Visa Card as part of their membership package while also use them as a membership ID. Members can also collect cards, as exclusive card designs will be released in the future.