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The Metrobank Cashback Visa Lets You Up Your Quarantine Game

With up to 8% on rebates for the essentials, this is exactly what you need to make the best shopping choices

It doesn’t take a lot to understand how much things have changed in the world. Two years ago, people might have flocked to mall-wide sales, but times being what they are, we’re mostly staying at home and filling up our carts online instead. If anything, going digital has made everything all so accessible and the ability to pay for things online has never been more relevant.

Still, even if you do own a credit card, that doesn’t make things any less expensive. Now, when every single bit matters, it helps to push whatever you have to however far it can go.


And here’s where the Metrobank Cashback Visa comes in, offering up to 8% rebate on the essentials. From groceries, school expenses, telecoms, cable, streaming services, and bookstore purchases: the Metrobank Cashback Visa lets you get that much bit further, so you can think less about the costs and focus on choice instead.

It opens up a whole new range of possibilities while we’re getting used to our new lives, and here’s how to get the most out of it:


Upgrade the home menu

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the internet has been flooded with people baking their own pizza, rolling out their own pasta, and even making gelato from scratch. And now you can, too, with a few more items on the grocery list (and a little more elbow grease). All you need to worry about is what to make next.


You can double up on entertainment

Tired of watching the same things over and over again on cable? Take out a new streaming subscription and get spoiled for choice. It works great for family time, and gives you something to watch while waiting for the next season of your favorite show.


Get faster internet

We’ve all gotten dropped from Zoom, stalled out while watching an episode, or waited for hours to send large documents. A better connection will help keep your schedule under control, allowing you more time to manage the house or even focus on doing the things you like.


Expand your mind

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something new, now’s the time to do it. And what better way than to pick up a few books so you have everything you need at home? Take up a new art, explore exotic cuisines, and sharpen your skills on your downtime. As an added bonus, a well-stocked bookshelf makes a great background for your online meetings.


Stop waiting for a sale

Pull the trigger on the essentials you’ve always wanted for your home. The rebate system lets you stock up your cart without having to worry about paying the full price. Now you no longer have to wait for the stars to align to get the most out of the new normal.

Get up to 8% rebate on your essential spend such as groceries, mobile and internet subscriptions, content streaming services, tuition fees and bookstore purchases, when you apply for the Metrobank Cashback Visa until August 31, 2021. Don’t spend more, spend smart and apply now. For more information, visit