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The Perks Of Going Cashless

Going cashless is not simply about letting go of loose bills and change.

Booking a ride and paying for bills on an app, shopping on your mobile, finishing your errands with a simple click on your smartphone. Living in the digital age means matching the fast pace with greater convenience. 

While businesses are fast adapting to the times, consumers are also embracing the power of cashless convenience through the use of debit cards.


But going cashless is not simply about letting go of loose bills and change, it’s also about unlocking countless possibilities. 

  1. With a nifty debit card, you simply have to DIP or TAP when you shop, dine, buy groceries, watch movies, and more! It's accepted in thousands of stores across the country and worldwide – giving you greater access.  
  2. You can use your debit card for online transactions, too! Cash in on that seat sale or buy the things you need from your favorite online stores. But keep in mind to purchase only at trusted and legitimate websites!
  3. While a debit card offers cashless convenience, you can still use it to withdraw money and make other transactions at ATMs. This, matched with an Online Banking account, makes it easier for you to monitor and manage your account.
  4. If you're budget savvy, a debit card can give you more control over your purchasing habits. You can set or change your maximum transaction limit for ATM withdrawals, fund transfer transactions, in-store, PIN-based purchases, or online, no PIN purchases through your online account or mobile app. Now, you won't ever have to worry about going overboard with your spending.
  5. A debit card also lets you enjoy year-round perks and privileges such as instant treats, discounts and freebies. Be rewarded with every purchase – whether it’s online or in–store.  

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