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Upgrading Our Financial Literacy—The AXA Way

As one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines today, AXA, the global leader in insurance, takes its role of professionalizing the industry and its representatives very seriously. To galvanize this commitment, AXA recently inaugurated their newest state of the art facility: AXA Academy.

Located on the 11th floor of the Bank of Makati Building on Ayala Avenue Extension, the facility is designed to be flexible and technologically driven. As Rahul Hora was proud to declare, ‘This... will help us nurture and train insurance professionals who are better equipped to provide outstanding service to our clients.’ 


At close to 1,000 square meters, the AXA Academy can handle up to eight simultaneous running sessions with a maximum capacity of 300 participants. The six training rooms can be reconfigured to theater or classroom style dimensions. Incorporated are available support spaces such as business stations, so agents and employees can carry out business functions even while undergoing the training sessions.


Atty. Dennis Funa of the Insurance Commission


AXA Philippines Chairman Solomon Cua

AXA is presently the only big player offering both GI (General Insurance) and Life. With Health, long term Financial Needs, Retirement, and Non-Life considerations all covered by various AXA products; it’s only natural that AXA would want to up the game in what is still essentially a service industry, and help foster and nurture financial literacy. 


All smiles at the AXA Academy inauguration

Guest of honor at the inauguration was the Insurance Commission Commissioner Atty. Dennis Funa, welcomed by AXA Philippines Chairman Solomon Cua. Visibly impressed by the facility, Atty. Funa even joked that maybe it would be nice to switch office spaces. But more than anything, he was encouraged by this commitment to raising the bar of our local financial advisors. Uniformly, speakers were commenting about how insurance is such a part of everyday life in more developed countries, a way to be protected and more certain of one’s future—and how we here in the Philippines still have a long way to go before it is so accepted.



Lead image from Unsplash

Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng