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Why Having A Debit Card Is Convenient And Handy

Shopping and paying bills just got easier with cashless transactions. Not convinced yet? Read up to learn more about why debit cards are your safe and convenient option

In today’s growing cashless society, it becomes easier to shop, plan vacations, and even pay for your bills online – with the help of a debit card. These nifty cards are an immense convenience, allowing you to do all these and more from the comfort of your own home or through a Point of Sale (POS) terminal.  

Whether you’re using your card here or abroad, enjoy the convenience it provides. 

Here are the best times to have your debit card handy.  


Traveling is such a joy and an escape, and as you navigate new cities and explore wonderful cultures, remove some of the unnecessary stress such as converting money and ensuring you have loose change in your pockets always with a nifty debit card. 

You can easily track your transactions as well online, something meticulous planners will love! 


As fun as it is shopping for loved ones, no one likes the traffic and the long lines winding up to the cashier. Counting bills and looking in your bag for change does more than eat up a few minutes in line, so cut the time in line by paying for your purchases with your card. Just debit the exact amount and you’re good to go! All the other customers in line will thank you for it. 

The Perks Of Going Cashless


The Perks Of Going Cashless


Online shopping needs a category of its own as you can shop from anywhere around the globe thanks to the world wide web, which means shopping for items that aren’t available in your locale and enjoying freebies and amazing discounts during mega sales abroad like Cyber Monday and the Black Friday sales, with slashed prices up to 90% off! If you’re afraid to spend beyond your budget, debit cards have maximum spending limits – which you can easily adjust. 


You never know when an emergency might pop up, whether that be running out of cash or rushing to the hospital. A debit card gives you that sense of security as it proves exceptionally handy in times of need. 

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Shop smart using your debit card. You can take advantage of exclusive discounts and freebies from a wide array of stores nationwide. Always check your bank card promos to make the most of these penny-saving, money-maximizing benefits. 

For greater security when you pay for your purchases, avail of a debit card from trusted financial institutions like BDO. Apart from the EMV chip technology that protects card data from being compromised, BDO Debit Card has enhanced security features to ensure greater control and protection of your account.

One of the key features of the BDO Debit Card is the Lock and Unlock Security feature that allows you to disable/enable your card anytime, using your BDO Online or Mobile Banking Account. This prevents your BDO Debit Card from being used for transactions at ATMs, POS, and online sites. This is particularly advantageous when traveling abroad. 

Should you decide to use your card for online transactions, BDO Debit Card also offers an additional layer of security through its 3D Secure Facility. When you purchase online at participating 3D Secure merchants, a pop-up screen will appear and prompt you to key in your One-Time PIN. 

Giving you even greater control, BDO Debit Card allows you to set a maximum transaction limit. You can change the daily limits of the following transactions: ATM Withdrawal, Fund Transfer, PIN Based Purchase (POS), and No Pin Purchase for online and signature-based transactions.  

Learn more about BDO Debit Card here. 

Not yet a BDO Debit Cardholder? Open an account at the nearest BDO branch today.

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