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Your Own Personal Bookkeeper Robot Is Here

Everything is getting automated these days—automated drivers, self-service check-outs, and even artificially intelligent writers!

Now, even your accounts and bookkeeping can be completed by a robot. The initiative was started and funded by a long list of investors who have found the merit in making bookkeeping much less tedious and much less “human,” including former Microsoft chief financial officer John Connors, 500 Startups partner Matthew Johnson, Correlation Ventures’ Trevor Kienzie, and Talla founder Rob May, among others.

Called botkeeper, the product-slash-service provider is essentially a chatbot tool that bookkeeps and accounts the same way a traditional accountant does—at more efficiency and less cost.

If you’re concerned that botkeeper might be too automated for its time, don’t worry because it’s still a mix of automated accounting and human oversight. Questions and concerns that can’t be solved by the automated system will be directed to an accounting expert to address the problem immediately.

Basically, it’s like getting a dedicated virtual bookkeeper that will manage all your accounting needs, 24/7, with bank-grade security, and at 50 to 75 percent less of the cost of traditional bookkeepers. If you’re transitioning as well, the long tedious process is eliminated and your botkeeper settles everything in a matter of hours.

In a statement, botkeeper Chief executive Enrico Palmerino said, “Using AI and ML, botkeeper can eliminate the inefficiencies, complexities, and prohibitive costs inherent in traditional accounting processes and tasks. Botkeeper leverages these advanced computer science techniques to analyze diverse company-wide data sets, categorize expenses, and execute timely accounting actions automatically—all with 99.97 percent accuracy. We knew we were on to something when an early demonstration showed that botkeeper could clean up three years of a client’s bookkeeping in just two weeks.”

Botkeeper is now being used by a still growing number of business heads and startups who are very satisfied with how everything is working.

Hanson Grant, CEO of startup Think Board, noted that “After switching to Botkeeper, we have lowered the cost of our annual CPA dues over 80%. It’s a no-brainer, switching to Botkeeper has saved us money on all aspects of the business.”

Dr. Freddys Garcia, director of product development and marketing and assistant professor of clinical neurology at Carrick Institute agrees and said, “Our accounting was a real mess and it took 3 months to get it all cleaned up and organized. But, they pulled it off and things are much better now. With botkeeper, the company’s accounting won’t get out of hand again. They have exceeded my expectations and delivered as expected without any friction points. Once they are setup, the ability to email the robots and get answers is really amazing.”

Should bookkeepers and accountants be afraid that they will lose their jobs with this robot bookkeeper? They shouldn’t be. Botkeeper has partnered with three accounting firms, including New York-based Profitas who said that botkeeper is not “taking the jobs away.” CEO Howard Karp explained that botkeeper is “channeling humans to do something more human-like.”