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These 5 Resolutions Can Significantly Change Your Life in 2020

Baby steps is the way to go in taking charge of your life this year

A new year has come! And with it come the promises and resolutions for self improvement. What would help is to keep our goals simple and more manageable. When done consistently, small changes can make a big impact. Here are five aspects of our lives that we often overlook. With constant effort for change, practicing the following could improve not just your overall well-being, but the quality of your relationships, the growth of your career, and a whole lot more. 

1. Arrive on time to your appointments. We all have our reasons—EDSA traffic, late-night cramming (or streaming) session, an office meeting that went into overtime, and so on. While ‘Filipino time’ isn’t entirely new to us, being on time is important, as it shows respect not just for the people you're meeting, but for yourself as well. Don’t you just hate it when you have to rush every time? On the other hand, arriving early gives you an instant boost! This year, plan your day wisely and make the most of every minute. It’ll take out some of your daily stresses, we can assure you!

Make it happen: Out with fashionably late, and in with fashionably on time. Wear a stylish watch that packs a punch in looks and purpose, like Garmin’s vívomove 3—an arm candy that features a hidden smart screen with health and fitness tracking data and smart notifications for text messages, social media updates, and more.


2. Invest in proper sleep. And we mean a sound 8-hour slumber shut-eye. We juggle a lot of things on our plate, and without rest, our bodies won’t function well. Don’t glorify the hustle—go to bed on time. Before you hit the sack, remember to avoid using phones an hour before bed. Read a book instead, write in your journal, or have a cup of tea or hot choco. Your body will thank you for it.

Make it happen: Make your bedroom a haven of comfort and relaxation to get you in sleeping mode. Also invest in quality furnishings that will help you wake up at the right side of the bed. LuxeHome offers luxury bedroom fixtures, housing European brands like Derucci, Downia, and Domicil—even our Miss Universe Gloria Diaz and Pia Wurtzbach are fans!


3. Reach out to an old friend. Do you remember school friend who you were really close with but rarely get to talk to nowadays? How about that girl you met in an art exhibit a few years back? Or that fellow solo traveler you bumped into in an out of the country trip and instantly connected with? There’s no harm in trying to keep in touch again—make it exciting by sharing moments with people you want to bring back into your circle.

Make it happen: Schedule a bonding session in a hip place with good drinks and music that will get you talking. Head to Poblacion and discover Verde—a concept bar and creative space that fuses the best in local creative culture and the spirit of well-loved Heineken. Grab a drink, talk, and dance the night away!


4. Bond with the children in the great outdoors. In this digital-savvy world that we live in, taking the iPad away from the little ones is next to impossible. Let them practice the art of disconnecting and engage children in the wonders of the outdoors. Teach them street games you used to play as a kid, bring them in an amusement park for some exhilarating time, or drive to a farm and get their hands dirty—literally. 

Make it happen:

Gift them with fashionable yet comfortable footwear they’ll love to wear on your future quests! Skechers Kids released a new line of kicks that lights up whenever they take a step. Go twinning with the little one with a pair of these Ice D’lites—with its bright center-mounted LED lights in five colors.


5. Prioritize self-care. It comes in a lot of forms—from pilates to green juices, 10-step skincare routine to organic hair treatments, a salad for lunch to completely giving up on rice. Recommendations from friends or tips you see online might get overwhelming, but choose something that you think you’ll truly enjoy and stick to. What’s important is to just start—holistic well-being is not just a trend. It should be your way of life, so begin the journey to healthy today.

Make it happen: Top health and wellness resort The Farm at San Benito recently launched their newest villas, the Bamboo and Mahogany Villas which boasts of the establishment’s world-class service and hospitality. Book a room and experience a wellness retreat with their signature health facilities. Take some R&R to flush out the toxins and breathe in clean and positive energy, especially when the going gets tough.