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This New Location-Based Recruitment Platform Makes Job Searching Easy And Convenient

This new app could be a huge help to Filipino job seekers

The unprecedented global health crisis caused many businesses to shut down and most offices, factories, markets and shopping malls to temporarily close, resulting in massive unemployment in the Philippines.

To this day, there are still many Filipinos who are unemployed due to the pandemic-caused economic decline that affected over 27.3 million Filipinos. To help combat the rising unemployment rate in the country, APPScape Corporation developed their flagship software called LapitJobs, to help displaced employees get back to their feet.

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Considering the new normal lifestyle brought about by the pandemic, where people are encouraged to stay at home, LapitJobs was designed with an employment procedure that applicants can follow without having to step out of the house. It takes advantage of technology and social media to reach out to and coordinate with its desired market.  

The special feature of the app is its ability to detect your location and find jobs near you. You can choose how far the distance of your job will be from your home and what job type you would prefer. You also have the option to check a certain location for a job position you'd like to apply for. 

With this software, Filipinos can find work that's nearest to them, know immediately the offer for the job, and calculate their estimated transportation and tax fees at the end of the month. They can even schedule interviews that don't require them to go right from the beginning of the hiring process.

It being a location-based recruitment app is ultimately what sets its apart from other job hunting platforms. 

A complementary platform was developed for the employers called LapitTauhan, which makes it easier for job applicants to find them. When an employer posts an offer, the company's location will appear and be matched with job seekers hoping to work in that specific area. LapitTauhan has a dashboard that can help employers in shortlisting, scheduling, and conducting interviews (preferably online) with their applicants by informing them of the status of their application.

LapitJobs may be downloaded for free. For more information, visit

Lead photos by Christina Morillo and Karolina Grabowska on Pexels