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DEMETRIA, Idée, and Filip + Inna Collection Opens at Silverlens Gallery

Working together with artisans from Florence, Italy, and from the T'Boli, Mangyan, and Tausug indigenous groups, the three brands come together to create 50 exceptional, one-of-a-kind handbags

There's something infinitely special when creative minds meet and create something truly one-of-a-kind. So is the case of the fantastic collaboration behind the collection of unique pieces of art among DEMETRIA, Filip + Inna, and Idée, together with artisans from Florence, Italy, and from the T'Boli, Mangyan, and Tausug indigenous groups from the Southernmost parts of the Philippines which has just opened at Silverlens Galleries.

No piece in the said collection is alike, each having its own distinct hand-embroidered design and leather color—true works of art that are nothing short of exceptional—in craftsmanship and artistry. An incredible collaboration by women from different points of the world, the collection was born in over a year, with a pandemic in-between, rising from an out-of-the-ordinary collaboration during such incredible times.


The journey began with the selection of leathers cut and prepared in Florence. From there, these panels were flown across the world and into the hands of the T'boli, Mangyan, and Tausug women to be individually embroidered according to their own liking and tradition, with the freedom to create and express the artistry they are renowned for.


Each piece, upon completion, was flown back to Florence for assemblage, mounting, and finishing—so all bags are expertly and painstakingly crafted using time-tested Italian leather-making artisanal methods.

At the end of the long journey taken by extraordinary women, these fine creations stand as true works-of-art, embodying such fine craftsmanship and unique artistry.


The collection is available for viewing at the Silverlens Galleries from August 12-13, from 2 to 6 PM. For more information, follow founder of DEMETRIA, Mai Cojuangco, on Instagram @mai.cojuangco, as well as collaborative brands @ideeandfriends and @filipinna. For gallery updates, follow @silverlensgallery on Instagram.