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See This Php3.2 Million Bear Sculpture at the Dominik Haring Exhibit

The SodaPop Bear was made using epoxy and recycled Sprite bottles. See this masterpiece and more at Dominik's solo exhibit, "Fragments in Time"

Dominik Haring
Dominik Haring

Looking for an exciting exhibit to see this weekend? Look no further than renowned Dutch pop artist and sculptor Dominik Haring’s new solo exhibit “Fragments in Time” at Alliance Française de Manille in Makati City. The collection, comprising several pop art sculptures, explores the concept of time as a series of fleeting moments that shape one’s personal journey. The exhibit encourages its onlookers to cherish passing memories from childhood to adulthood as they ultimately shape each person’s personal journey.

For sculptor Dominik Haring, his personal journey included turning a 6-month project in the Philippines into a 20-year stay after finding joy in the country. Today, he is a father to a daughter who he considers his biggest motivation and his work graces the hotels and shops of his private clients.


As for this particular exhibit, he mostly worked with epoxy resin and recyclable materials to accomplish the life-sized art pieces. To celebrate its unveiling, Dominik, together with his business partners, threw an exclusive viewing to his friends, family, and the media. The star of the night was undoubtedly the “SodaPop Bear” sculpture– not only for its size and captivating green hue but for its staggering estimated Php3.2 million price tag. The piece was made from thousands of crushed glass soda bottles that directly fit into the artist’s theme of “transforming fragmented moments into a unified whole.” In the product catalog book, it was also revealed that this bear holds a special significance as Dominik’s family cared for bears and leopards in their garden back in Holand.

Wrinkled Grace and Amor
Wrinkled Grace and Amor | Price: Php190,000.00
Money Mirage
Money Mirage

According to Dominik, not only was this piece a good challenge for him as an artist but also married his love for art and doing his part in caring for the environment, even if it is in something as simple as recycling an old soda bottle into an art piece.

He shared, “Making this sculpture was pretty personal for me. I've always been into art and taking care of the planet, so combining those two passions just felt like the right thing to do. All about finding beauty in unexpected places, you know? And turning those old soda bottles into this adorable teddy bear sculpture was such a cool challenge. Not just about how it looks; it's about sending a message about looking after our planet. By using epoxy and recycled Sprite bottles, I wanted to show how being creative can also help the environment. It's like a symbol of how art can make a difference and inspire others to care.”

Pop Art Diva
Pop Art Diva | Price: Php140,000.00
Glitz and Glaze
Glitz and Glaze

The other sculptures in this collection also serve as a testament to Dominik’s fondness for blending and exploring different styles and materials. His “Money Mirage,” for example, is a thought-provoking piece that explores the facade of temporary wealth, while “Glitz and Glaze” and “Sweet Drip” are more whimsical pieces that embody the joy of childhood sweets.

Sweet and Drip
Sweet and Drip | Price: Php150,000.00

You can see the “Fragments in Time” exhibit in person at Alliance Française de Manille at 10AM to 6PM daily until June 29, 2024. You can also check out Studio Haring’s socials at @studioharing_official.