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15 Gorgeous Pieces In This Contemporary Filipino Art Show In Tokyo

There are more than 15, of course, but do you have the time?

Anyway, Pinto International and the Asian Cultural Council are bringing in 56 artworks in all from 56 participating Filipino artists in this exhibition of Filipino contemporary art in Tokyo. The show is called Pintokyo for reasons mentioned, and will be held in Hillside Forum in Shibuya, a distinguished and arresting space with white walls and very geometric touches. 

That the show is opening on the birthday of Jose Rizal might seem just a happy accident, but since the exhibition chair is Dr. Joven Cuanang, the esteemed doctor and art patron, an admirer of our National Hero’s convictions (his café in Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo is called Café Rizal), we’re guessing the event was especially intended to happen on that date. The show, however, will run up to the 24th of June.

Curating the exhibition is the artist Tony Leaño. The group assembled is a veritable who’s who of Philippine art: from Annie Cabigting to Geraldine Javier, from Jigger Cruz to Lynyrd Paras, and Elmer Borlongan to Emmanuel Garibay. In between, there’s Kawayan de Guia, Dex Fernandez, Nona Garcia, Raffy Napay and many more. As Dr. Cuanang told us over lunch late this week, each artist produced a new work especially for this show. Which just goes to prove how beloved the guy is in the local art universe.

As promised, here are just 15 of the gorgeous works that will be on show at Pintokyo.