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Some Of The Most Exciting New Art Is On Display At Edsa Shangri-La Right Now

For sixteen years now, the Ateneo Art Awards have been recognizing and bringing to the fore young, emerging contemporary artists in the country. This year is no different, as the Fernando Zóbel Prizes for Visual Art and the Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Prizes for Art Criticism are bestowed upon some of the most talented, and outstanding young artists in the Philippines.

Here’s a peek into the shortlisted works this year: 


Zean Cabangis’ “Somewhere, Anywhere”

Photo from the Ateneo Art Gallery

First shown at Artinformal Makati in 2018, Cabangis’ “Somewhere, Anywhere,” explores the in-between through representation and abstraction. The artist uses acrylic, photography, collage, and emulsion transfer, resulting in layers of monochrome landscapes uninterrupted by brightly colored lines and planes that give his works a whimsical, dreamlike quality.


Lesley-Anne Cao’s “The hand, the secretary, a landscape”

Photo from the Ateneo Art Gallery

Cao works with ordinary bells, plants, mirrors, rocks, and ears to create objects and installations that operate between recognition and self-effacement. The hand, the secretary, a landscape was first exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2018, and viewers are invited to consider what is easily missed and the fidelity of what we see. 


Doktor Karayom’s “Isla Inip” 

ateneo art awards on view edsa shangri la 0

Photo from the Ateneo Art Gallery

In this work, Isla Inip—an anagram of the word 'Pilipinas'—the centerpiece is a lying Jose Rizal, and it represents Filipinos who desire repletion in life amidst the heavy burden of everyday living. There is the use of dismembered body parts of the national hero as representative of the whole nation. The work as whole is a game about the artist's homeland, the Philippines. It was first exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as part of a group exhibition, 2018 Thirteen Artists Awards. 


Lilianna Manahan’s “Frame”

Photo from the Ateneo Art Gallery 

This work by Manahan was crafted as part of an ongoing collaborative glass project between Filipino artists and Czech glassblowers. Frame is "deeply personal"—it takes from the Bible's Book of Psalms, celebrating the way each individual is intricately and intentionally made. The work is very much influenced by Manahan's deep Christian beliefs and strong family ties. Frame was part of a group exhibition early this year, The Garden of Earthly Delights at Aphro, The Alley at Karrivin.


Krista Nogueras’ “Lake Predicament”

ateneo art awards on view edsa shangri la 1

Photo from the Ateneo Art Gallery

Nogueras examines human responses through "Sensitization and Desensitization" by creating ceramics and sculptural forms drawn from primordial and grotesque structures. The work is heavily influenced by mythology and folklore, and evokes a very strong reaction from anyone who looks at it. Lake Predicament was first exhibited at Artinformal Makati early this year. 


The works are on view at the Grand Atrium of Edsa Shangri-la Plaza until July 25, 2019. Staring August 6, 2019 the works will be exhibited at Ateneo Art Gallry in Arete until October 27, 2019.