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Doktor Karayom Uses Lines To Depict Mundane Experiences

“Linya” (2016) is about our daily experiences of queueing up for lines in the country and how we follow the usual lines in our everyday living. Also, Karayom adds, “it is about how we find ourselves, a measure how long one’s patience is, how he thinks, and how he sacrifices’’.

The work is comprised of 300 resin sculptures rendered with acrylic and spray paint.


With mundane experiences as a central concept, Karayom describes people as dots. These dots, if combined, becomes a line. “Linya” also shows how we become connected with one another which can also be the lines in our palm as to where destiny takes us.

He also sees lines as marks of our aging just like wrinkles and lines on our faces as we get older. Considering how our lives revolve among various lines also leads him to comparing his work to a lifeline; when it becomes flat, it means absence of life. And when it fluctuates, it indicates breathing, and living.

The sculptures from “Linya” were all inspired by the artist’s mundane experiences. He shares about people he encounters wherever and whenever. Karayom also uses the stories he hears and shares with the people he meets even while queuing up for long lines.

“Sa sobrang tagal mo nang nakapila, parang nakilala mo na ‘yung mga tao (na) nasa paligid mo eh [Because the lines are so long, you practically get to know evrybody around you]”, he adds.

When asked about the reason behind his artist name, he said he got it from an old Filipino saying about our very own culture: “Kahit butas ng karayom, papasukin ko. [I'll even go through the eye of a needle.]"

He explains that it is about if one has a goal, then he will do everything he can to achieve that even if it seems so impossible. “Doktor” came from his fascination for horror movies. Whenever he watches them, he finds glee whenever there is a doctor involved. Also, he thinks putting “doctor” to one’s first name would make him appear and sound smart. 

Apart from being shortlisted for Ateneo Art Awards this year, Karayom had various solo and group exhibitions in Cultural Center of the Philippines (2016), Secret Fresh Gallery (2016; 2017), Ayala Mueum (2016), West Gallery (2015), Vargas Museum (2015),Pocket Universe Gallery (2013), Silahis Gallery (2011), and many more. His work was on display in Ateneo Art Gallery from October 30 to December 4, 2017.