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Janina Dizon Celebrates Her 10th Anniversary In Jewelry Design With "Dekada"


Jewelry should resonate with its wearer. That’s what Janina Dizon believes. In her 10 years in the industry, she has stayed true to this belief, and we can see how her designs have evolved and reflected her style with her latest collection, “Dekada – Janina for Jul Dizon.”

Here, she showcases 10 different themes she’s done throughout the decade: sculptural earrings with "Mobile," wedding jewelry with “Kasal,” interchangeable earrings with "Transformers," a different take on pearls with “Galaxy,” a selection of estate finds with “Vintage,” edgy pieces made of choice animal leather with “Exotic,” bespoke jewels with step-like patterns with "Ascend," gold intricate pieces with "Goddess," fun and flirty jewelry with "Candy," and pieces that show her "deep reverence to the faith" with "Buddha."

It had been a busy year for Janina, developing these collections to make it in time for this anniversary. She admits that she found this move quite ambitious, but managed to pull it off and work it all out. The result is a visual treat to any woman—gems that speak of elegance and beauty that’s breathtaking, classic yet playful enough to capture your heart at first glance.

“Jewelry is a personal memento for yourself. It’s something that you most usually keep in the generations to come,” Janina says. And it’s what she keeps in mind when she assembles one masterpiece after another. Here, she shares more details on her craft and her latest showcase:


On her design philosophy. “First and foremost, I design for myself. My mindset is if nobody takes it, it’ll be mine. I also love crossing boundaries between the Eastern and Western culture, to melt them together and make it our own. “

On choosing her materials. “It’s easy, because when I see something that I like, it actually comes and tells me what I can do with them. So it’s something like, I believe they talk to me, for lack of better word. They just talk and tell me what needs to be done.”

On how she’s ‘different’ as a jeweller. “I’m on the unconventional side of design. I don’t want to take jewelry too seriously–I like it with a bit of edge. So I do a playful twist in it and it becomes something you can wear for days and years after. While it may not be a classic design, it is timeless.”

On her favorites from Dekada. “With ‘Ascend,’ I love the way it connotes that you always have to keep going no matter what. I also love the ‘Mobile’ because I won a design award there in 2008 (Samshin International Diamond Jewelry Design Awards) and it was only now that I’m able to do a take on it again, to basically reincarnate the whole design. And I love how it came out.”

On what she’s learned in a decade. “Design for me is always evolving, I cannot tell exactly what path I’m going to be taking. I just let it speak to me–I let it sit, and when the time comes, it talks to me and tells me, ‘Okay this is it.’ I’ve had experiences where when you force the issue of designing, it doesn’t come out as nicely as you want it to be. What I’ve learned it to just course through when the time is right. It almost always works out well. And of course, just being true to my authentic self.”


Photos from @janina_dizon on Instagram