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See The Natural World From The Eyes of Julyan Harrison In His Latest Art Exhibit

Nature is a wonder, but for 26-year-old Julyan Harrison, that world is much more intricate and even more beautiful. Julyan, diagnosed from the age of 2 with autism, has shared his vision yet again through an art and photo exhibit this June 3. In partnership with Globe, the exhibit will be housed at  Globe Art Gallery at the Globe Tower, and will feature not only his painted works but also his photographs. Julyan is the main artist, though he will be joined by 5 other autistic adults and 4 photographers.

Most of Julyan’s scenes and subjects are elements he finds around him in Zambawood—a ranch in Zambales run by his mother Rachel Harrison, which was designed for Julyan to find a home amidst nature. His usual scenes and subjects come from this home: from butterflies and birds to fish and other sea creatures. But what makes them all unique is how he interprets this world.


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“When he turned 18, we felt that it was important for him to have life skills, and to develop a productive life,” share Rachel. Now they have Julyan’s Farm, Julyan’s Coffee Shop, apart from Zambawood. 


“In this journey, we tried to equip him with skills like farming, and while he helps in the kitchen, he does a lot of food preparation, and we also nurtured his painting skills,” she adds. This, in fact was something that he developed because of his environment in Zambales.


As an artist, he’s been sent to the United Nations in New York City to exhibit with 8 other artists from the Philippines. And when he came back, he began working on a few other exhibits.


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“In the case of Julyan, it just reinforced that all children could paint, but if you they actually keep doing it until a time it becomes natural, then they will bloom. Everyone has the innate capability of being artistic. What more for special needs people,” she adds.

This became an advocacy for Rachel: adults who have disability, who are capable of doing, but left without companies who would take them in. And so began her social enterprise.

“We train special Persons With Disability in positions such as housekeeping or in the bar as OJTs for 8 weeks. We give them accommodations and allowance, and they are able to practice their skills so it’s easier for them to find jobs in Manila,” she says. At the moment, they have five PWDs in their group, and are aiming for more.


This is how they linked with Globe, who had visited Zambawood recently as part of their team building efforts. Not only did they plant sunflowers in Julyan’s farm, they also ordered products to give away as Christmas gifts. 

Much of it is aligned with Globe’s Create. With Love. campaign, and after just a few weeks, Rachel and Julyan set out to mount this special exhibition.


The exhibit which will start June 3 and last until June 26 at The Globe Tower, B1, Globe Art Gallery, 32nd Street corner 7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig will also feature a pop-up from Zambawood, which will give you a special taste of the resort, as well as some of their featured products. For more information contact or call +639176860895.