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Kenneth Cobonpue's Work Remains 'Eclipsed' By None

Cebuano pride and world-class Filipino industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue lit up Metro Summer Soul with his refreshing take on the ubiquitous trishaw.



The functional work of art, called Eclipse, made its way to the Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan, Cebu last weekend as the centerpiece of one of Metro Summer Soul's many photo-ready spots.

With the serene Hilutungan Channel as its background, Kenneth's modern interpretation of the humble means of transportation found across Asia and South America was luxe and elegant. Done in white and a deep sky blue, Eclipse was emblematic of the best things about summer.



The well-heeled guests of Mero Summer Soul—the defining summer party of the year organized by the Metro Group—all dressed in immaculate white took the opportunity to interact with the award-winning designer's creation.

Some got a feel of its comfortable hand-stitched weatherproof vinyl and fabric seats, while others were more playful and hopped onto its bicycle, holding onto its handlebars and pretending to pedal away with passengers. Regardless of how guests posed with it, Eclipse made each photo instantly more double-tap worthy.




The statement-making piece debuted in 2014 and has since been recognized as one of Kenneth's most whimsical, but nonetheless beautiful, visions come to life. Its name was derived from its circular frame bound in place with a tight, seamless weave.

Eclipse is fashioned out of aluminum and woven with recyclable polyethylene, and each side of the trishaw's carriage also showcases round cut-outs to emphasize its broad strokes of lunar influences.



Meant to be art that can also be utilized and not only admired, Eclipse also comes equipped with a retractable overhead cover and side panels of acrylic fabric to protect passengers from sunshine and rain showers while providing privacy. Impressively, Eclipse also provides an iPhone docking base, speakers, cup holders on either side, as well as a cooling fan for comfort.

Eclipse, like all of Kenneth's works, is a testament to this creative genius' mastery of marrying tradition, craft, and innovative technologies to coax designs of the imagination to come to life.



Learn more about Eclipse, Kenneth Cobonpue's works of art, and Kenneth himself on his official website.


Cover image from @metrochannelph