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Lilianna Manahan's Unique And Whimsical Glass-Blown Creations Deserve A Place In Your Home

Growing up, artist Lilianna Manahan was influenced by her parents who both love art and history. She recalls how her dad, an Art History major, inspired her to appreciate Greek and Roman sculptures and taught her how to carve when she was only in grade 3.


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Artist Lilianna Manahan with her whimsical and fun art pieces which are based on a theme on "Creation."


Lilianna also remembers how art is integrated into their travel itineraries. “My parents brought us to museums and let us look at places with beautiful architecture when we traveled," says Lilianna.

Her mom is a decorative artist who encouraged her to be creative and taught her different artistic techniques when she was young. “I like working with my hands and model-making. A year after I graduated from high school, I went to Central Saint Martins in London for my foundation year and my learnings there enhanced my interest in product design. When I went back to the Philippines, I took up Industrial Design in UP," Lilianna tells Metro.Style.


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Lilianna Manahan’s functional art lamp piece can illuminate a home and give it a fun and artsy vibe, too.



During her last year at University of the Philippines, she got an internship at Kenneth Cobonpue’s design studio, where she also worked at after graduation. Lilianna values the learnings she got from working with this well-established designer. “I learned about the importance of paying attention to detail from Kenneth Cobonpue and I also learned more about the business side of running a design company," she shares. 

Lilianna’s work reflects her creativity, passions and vibrant personality. She says, “I love music, food and I read a lot about history and theology. Currently, I have a running theme on 'Creation' for my art. I have a lot of animals and creatures for my art pieces now."

It takes Lilianna around one to two months to create an artwork—from studying the techniques involved in creating the piece, to making a mock-up, to working closely with the craftsmen in bringing a design to life.




For her series on glass blown art featuring animal creatures, she had to travel to the Czech Republic, where she is one of the artists Stephanie Frondoso tied up with for a Spektacularis project that involved a collaboration with glass masters from the said European country.

“We went to the Czech Republic and collaborated with Jiri Pacinek, an artisan and glass master who has been doing glass blown objects since he was 14 years old and leads a team of artisans. I learned about the techniques they use and how they have to follow a certain rhythm as a team to make high-quality objects. For two weeks, I learned from them and worked with them to turn my designs into glass art pieces," shares Lilianna.

The collaboration with the glass artisans resulted to Lilianna’s functional and decorative art pieces that are truly eye-catching and playful.


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With a running theme on 'Creation,' Lilianna’s art pieces are whimsical and interesting conversation starters that can create a lively atmosphere to one’s space.


Lilianna believes in continuous learning. She attended a workshop in New York City on traditional water gilding techniques since she likes using brass and wants to enhance her knowledge on metalsmithing.

For her ever-evolving portfolio, she gets inspiration from her various interests such as history, theology, science, music, food, and traveling. Lilianna also does customized art pieces for clients that have a fine balance between the client’s personality and her own aesthetic.


Lilianna Manahan’s art pieces are available at A-11 Lifestyle Store located at F.B. Harrison Street, Pasay, Metro Manila. To know more about A-11, check their site: or their Instagram page @artellano11.


Photographs by Greg Mayo