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Move Over Coloring Books: These Build-Your-Own Miniature Homes Offer Stressed-Out Adults A New Hobby To Immerse In

A few years ago, adults were waiting in line for Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden coloring book, excited for the chance to engage in an activity that didn’t require a screen, WIFI, or brain cells to function. We were in it to wing it.

The stress of every day really takes a toll on us, and every now and then we need to find a way to tune out—or risk getting burned out at work, or worse, become crabby and unmotivated. Thankfully, we have many options that provide respite from deadlines. Now that we’re done with coloring books, we just discovered something new we can engage in. Like coloring books, this one also takes us back to those carefree days of childhood.

Li’l Haven allows us to play house again. No worries about rent here or mortgage, or maintenance of pipes and such mundane preoccupations of the actual houses we inhabit. Li’l Haven sells high quality do-it-yourself miniature kits that are the embodiment of cuteness and our childhood dreams. But more than that, they give us a chance to take off our thinking caps for a while and just let our instinct and creativity take the lead.

DIY Miniature Angel Dream Bedroom Dollhouse



The company sends the kits complete—with scissors, glue, pliers, etc. Everything we need to build these intricate rooms. All we have to do is unpack and start putting them together. Like in the old days when we were young.

Li’l Haven have all sorts of rooms that mimic your Pinterest-dreams.


DIY Miniature Library Dollhouse


DIY Miniature Greenhouse Garden Dollhouse


Or maybe you’re looking to put together a sampling of your dream house.


DIY Miniature Loft-type Apartment Dollhouse


DIY Miniature Provence Lavender Villa Dollhouse



If you’re into travel and you want to build sceneries and whatnot, they also have vacation-inspired miniatures to choose from.


DIY Miniature Santorini Resthouse


DIY Miniature Paris Coffee and Cake Shop Dollhouse


If you want to start small and not get overwhelmed (or pressured!) to finish a big piece, these themed music boxes might be more suited for beginners as they are smaller in size and the pieces you deal with are fewer.


DIY Miniature Ferris Wheel Music Box


Whatever it is you decide to pick up, remember that the end goal is to de-stress. Don’t think of it as work or something you need to finish in one sitting. Unlike most things in your life, this one you can take your time with.


Photos from Lil Haven website and Instagram