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Neon Commotion? Take it From Jeona Zoleta

Maria Jeona Zoleta graduated in 2011 with a Fine Arts in Painting degree from University of the Philippines. She's been opposing limitations--as her art is “free from the dictates of tradition"--since 2008.

Because she was a graduate of a science high school, she never prioritized being an artist. She fancied herself a scientist or a spy.  But last year, she had her own special exhibition at Art Fair Philippines.

Zoleta uses candescent, intoxifying, neon colors to charm the public. Her edgy works relate to love, femininity, masturbation, and many more. Sounds like a neon commotion, doesn't it?

She uses her own menstruation on her artwork as she disputes contemporary culture in the art scene and norms. Zoleta also pertains to herself as “a shaman, an engineer of kink, chaos, rainbow magic sparkles, and out of body experiences”. Back in her college days, she threw her mother’s poop in front of her thesis panelists.


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Born in 1989, most of Zoleta's motifs are derived from “being a child of the new millennium”. They include celebrities, cartoon characters, toys, and other things related to popular culture.

Zoleta has joined various exhibitions locally and internationally. Some of her solo exhibitions include “Dial-up Speed Dirty Ice Cream or the Iridescent Hot Shower Fur Baby Planets & Teen Starz***” (2015) in 1335 Mabini, “(Cyber) Mystiz Tiger” (2016) in Finale Art File.

In 2014, Zoleta was awarded the Fernando Zobel Prize for Visual Arts from Ateneo Art Awards which granted her a residency at Fontanelle Gallery and Studios in Australia. A year after that, she was one of the recipients of the CCP Thirteen Artists Awards.


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