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Romance And The Straight Line: Rustan's For The Arts

The term ‘patron of the Arts’ is more often than not used to refer to a person; but in certain cases, it can apply just as well to an institution or an establishment. So while the roots of Galerie Bleue, established in 1984, can be traced to a single individual, Gliceria Tantoco; the facts that the gallery is housed in the upscale department store Rustan's, and that the late Mrs. Tantoco is the founder of Rustan's, has translated to Rustan's being a longtime staunch supporter of Philippine arts and culture.


Artworks of Al Perez


Just two years ago, in 2016, one of Rustan's landmark arts-related initiatives was transforming the artworks of National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto ‘BenCab’ Cabrera to Home Collectibles and Accessories. A more successful and high quality example of democratising Philippine Art would be hard to find.



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Dedicated to uplifting Filipino artistry and heritage, Rustan's launched an exhibition of the works of Al Perez and Paulina Luz Sotto on March 7th. Found on the 4th floor of Rustan's Makati, and on the 3rd floor of Rustan's Shangri-La, one lofty aim of the endeavour is to cultivate a renewed passion and appreciation for Filipino artistry - and it’s great to see this being done via two such contrasting styles placed side-by-side.



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Known foremost for his evocative Church Portraits; it was elucidating to discover the other facets of Al Perez’s oeuvre—his rural scenes, nipa huts, nudes, portraits, and flowers. With delicate lyrical lines and colours, his penchant for suffusing his works with rich palettes, has made many commentators describe his artworks as super real and romantic in treatment.



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Artistic collaboration of Paulina Luz Sotto and her grandfather Arturo Luz


While Paulina Luz Sotto is only 27 years of age, she can claim an artistic home court advantage as granddaughter of National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz. And to further the cause of the fruit not falling far from the tree, her artworks are sparked by her passion for abstract art. Her fascination with the straight line has flowered into works that may echo her illustrious grandfather, but are very much her own.

The program is Rustan’s for the Arts, a campaign that will see a number of offerings and activities this 2018. And yes, pieces on display are up for sale.