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The Heart Of Art With Sheila Romero And Salcedo Auctions

On July 20 Saturday, a very special auction will be held at the NEX Tower, Ayala Avenue. This is the collaboration between Sheila Romero and her IWantToServe Foundation with gavel and block of Salcedo Auctions. Said auction is a funding initiative of the Foundation to assist the Philippine General Hospital’s Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Department, and their newly renovated Chemotherapy Isolation Ward.


Richie Lerma of Salcedo Auctions and Sheila Romero of IWantToServe Foundation.


This ward is basically the outpatient area of PGH’s Cancer Institute, treating over 350 children a year. These outpatient children are given the opportunity to participate in art lessons serving as therapy while they pass the hours undergoing chemotherapy. It was a situation that basically broke the heart of Sheila, and she immediately made the ward the new focus of her foundation’s initiatives.


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One of the Cancer-Stricken children creating her Art piece for special auction.


Speaking to both Sheila and Richie Lerma of Salcedo Auctions, they were both eager to express their gratitude to the artists, galleries, and collectors who helped make this a possibility, with a plethora of statement and quality pieces all going under the gavel and block. 


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Sheila and her IWantToServe Foundation at work.


There will be fine art, jewelry, and timepieces going under auction; and as as any seasoned auction patron will tell you, the success of any auction lies in the quality of the pieces, the prestige of the names of the artists, and the guest list of collectors the organizers can muster. On these three counts, this Saturday should exceed expectations, and the IWantToServe Foundation x gavel & block of Salcedo Auctions collaboration will be one for the books. 


The Kim Oliveros and Emmanuel Garibay panel.


Art pieces by Demi Padua, Olan Ventura, Dexter Sy, Tony de Zuniga, Jeffrey Salon, Kim Oliveros, Emmanuel Garibay, Andres Barrioquinto, Ramon Orlina, Winner Jumalon, Oscar Zalameda, BenCab, and Fernando Zobel, are just some of the illustrious names with works up for auction. Paintings by the cancer-stricken children will also be put up for auction, and will definitely add to the puso element of the whole endeavor.




My immediate favorites were the BenCab figurines and the painting of Andres Barrioquinto. Similarly, I predict the Oscar Zalameda will be a hotly contested item. 

And in the end, it’s all about Sheila and the board members of her foundation seeking ways to alleviate the unfortunate situation these indigent children find themselves in, and boosting the efforts of the PGH in being of invaluable service to these kids. 


Photographs by Philip Cu-Unjieng