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The Private Nature of Art


On March 3rd, Saturday, at 2pm, it’s a sure bet that a pregnant hush will descend upon the Leon Gallery on Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, as the 2018 Asian Cultural Council Art Auction will commence. While other events and fairs of an art and culture nature are seeking to broaden the audience and bring art to the masses, the Auction Houses such as the Leon Gallery is all about possession and ownership. Whether for investment, or just to be able to hang some venerated artist’s work on the wall of your home, office, or corporate foyer; these auctions become the talk of the town in terms of how ownership of a particular work of Art has changed hands, or who private collector was left in the cold, licking the wounds of a failed bid.


A Vicente Manansala


Some of the Bonifacio Letters?


A Fernando Amorsolo?


The Anita Magsaysay Ho, listed with an Opening bid of P18 Million


The Ang Kiukok ‘Wall’?

This Auction on March 3rd is a highly anticipated one, thanks to the pedigree of the names and objects that are up for auction. While a fair amount of publicity has been devoted to the Andres Bonifacio letters, these letters can’t steal the thunder from the list of artworks that are similarly on offer. Manansala, Joya, Magsaysay Ho, Ang Kiukok, Amorsolo, the artists names are a Who’s Who of Philippine Art History from past to present.

It’s a sure bet that when the smoke clears on the 3rd, wagging tongues and raised eyebrows will rule the late afternoon.


Photos by Philip Cu-unjieng