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This Gallery Displays Art From Street Kids Alongside Professional Artists' Works

Were you ever asked to draw your dreams on paper in school? I remember drawing a girl in a white coat, the word “doctor” scribbled on top. I took the doodle home, taped it on my bedroom wall, stared at it, and smiled all afternoon.

Years went by, and I ended up not pursuing medicine. I found my calling as a full-time writer. Nonetheless, I am thankful for that activity—because through that, I learned that the possibilities were endless. I learned how to dream. 

That’s exactly why Kanto Gallery initiated “Imagined Futures: Dreams on Paper”. Tucked inside an old building in Makati, the tiny gallery is anything but tiny—on its walls are over a dozen sketches of street children, alongside professional artists’ works. 



“This group show features the drawings of children from Payatas,” shared AR Manalo, one of the artists who participated in the exhibit. “It also features the artists’ dreams, and it’s a collaborative effort because everyone came from different backgrounds. It’s a beautiful wall of dreams.”


AR Manalo, one of the featured artists in "Imagined Futures: Dreams on Paper"


Manalo believes that this activity is anything but simple. It is powerful. To him, just thinking of your dreams is very different from actually putting them into paper. “It gives you a boost when you can physically touch your ‘dream’ and display it,” he quipped. “We are all witnesses of the dreams they put here. We are cheering for them, waiting for them to make their dreams happen.”



Manalo is just one of 22 artists who joined this month-long project. “If others can inspire people by the way they preach, why not inspire others with the way I draw?” he beamed. Manalo submitted two pieces entitled, Bigger Than Yourself, sketches which depict a street child overlapping images of an astronaut. “It may seem impossible, but I also believe that whatever you want to be someday is bound to happen, as long as you have the conviction. It’s not funny when you say ‘One day, I want to be an astronaut’. Why not? Maybe today you’re worrying about your tuition fee or what to eat, but as long as you have dreams with you, you can fight to make things happen.”


I looked around the room and didn’t see mere sketches—I saw hope.



Catch the wall of dreams in “Imagined Futures: Dreams on Paper” at Kanto Gallery in Makati Cinema Square until March 17, 2018. Other featured artists in this show are 1111 (Mary Palag), Alvin Casia. Angelo Padilla, Bibi Belgica, Bylson Sy, Cyrah Faller, Daniel Buligan, Fabrianne Morales, Hannah Bundalian, Hayme Vincent, Janelle Manzano, Kristine Ira Perez, LHEAN, Meow, Niakie, Pam Hopilos, R. Frias, Rem San Pedro, Roman Padilla, RV Henretty-Jornales, Vener Soliven, and Venus Mar.


For inquiries on art pieces, contact Kanto Gallery on Facebook or message them at 0917-796-1588.