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We Asked An Expert What He Would Bid On At the Salcedo Auction And This Is What He Chose

We shared last Wednesday afternoon with Jun Fulgencio, a furniture specialist, who walked guests through a furniture exhibit at Salcedo Auctions. He discussed the history and provenance of some choice pieces up for bidding tomorrow, among them cabinets, comodas and chairs. We asked him what he would pick to bring home if he joined the bidding fray. Below are his top three picks:


1. Comoda from Laguna

Dating back to the first quarter of the 20th Century, this comoda has beautiful carvings of a Moorish shields on each door, as well as drooping branches laden with Cashew fruits and nuts.  Nothing screams Laguna louder than cashew fruits and nuts, which are abundant in the province.


2. Thonet Marble Table

This marble-topped table was made by German Austrian maker Michael Thonet who developed a process which bent beechwood so it conformed to any shape. He was know to have revolutionized the furniture industry in the mid-1800’s and it was a status symbol to own one of his pieces in turn-of-the-century Manila.


3. A Pair of Butaca Chairs

Jun picked these Butaca chairs which are characterized by curvy lines, a tilted and oval back, and seats that conformed to the shape of the sitter. These chairs are coveted for their rareness, are hard to find on the market, and they would go very well with your lola’s Mariposa settee.