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"I Wanted To Depict Women With A Feminine Eye." Photographer Sara Black Celebrates 15 Years In The Industry

Over her 15-year career span in photography, Sara Black has evolved into one our go-to photographers when there’s a beauty shoot requirement. Her portraits, her evocative beauty images, have made her a favourite whenever upmarket beauty or fashion products need collateral or editorial material. It’s gotten so that I’ve overheard marketing and advertising peeps say, ‘I need a Sara Black kind of image.’ And modesty aside, she delivers time and time again. I’m honored to say I’ve worked with her on more than one advocacy project —the most recent, October last year for I Can Serve’s Breast Cancer Awareness initiative.

Her photo exhibit, Now, She Is, runs at Pineapple Lab up to June 3; and it’s great to see her come up with something far removed (and yet related) to her commercial work and advocacies portraiture. A study of the feminine form in all its natural splendour, Now, She Is, are nude studies that quite significantly, are devoid of the sexual tension of the male photographer’s gaze—which if you think about it, are more often that not, the ones shooting female nude forms. There is no objectifying in Sara’s interpretations; rather, there is pride, there is sheer joy, and telling diversity. She eschews that looking for an idealized female form, which is often the trademark of a male photographer’s perspective. Instead, her photos declare that the female form, in all their range, size, and definition; can universally, be cause for celebration. 






With Sara’s female nudes, there is no such thing as body-shaming, there is no quest for perfection, and there is no cause for being embarrassed. Now, She Is is exuberance for the fact that Yes, We Are—in your face, not flinching, and not going away!