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Alice Reyes’ Legacy Makes The Leap From the Stage to the Page

“Alice Reyes and Ballet Philippines: A 50-Year Legacy in Dance” will soon be out in bookstores, and it chronicles the company’s rich history as well its founder’s legacy

In 1969, National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes founded the CCP Dance Workshop Company, now known as Ballet Philippines. Fifty years later, its legacy, as well as the legacy of its founder, endures. The company has more than 500 pieces in their repertoire, and has produced some of the most incredible artists in dance, mentored of course by none other than Alice Reyes herself. Last night at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ newest theatre, the Tanghalang Ignacio Jimenez, honored guests and former students of the dance master came together to celebrate the book launch of Alice Reyes and Ballet Philippines: A 50-Year Legacy in Dance.

Edited by Elizabeth Reyes and published by ABS-CBN Publishing, the book chronicles the ballet company’s rich history and prolific influence on Filipino culture through dance. It features seven personal essays that trace the legacy of Alice, written by Ballet Philippines alumni, photographs, etc., and serve as a “testament to her pioneering vision that gave birth to a professional dance company known all over the country and abroad for its brilliant fusion of ballet and modern dance.” 


Last night’s affair was not only a book launch; it was, most of all, a wonderful tribute to the woman behind the company, with excerpts from Ballet Philippines’ repertoire were performed by its most excellent dancers, including Denise Parungao. There is nothing lovelier than to see the National Artist for Dance tear up at her work being performed right in front of her, which she showed appreciation for in the form of vigorous air-kisses and wild applause. 

Experience the grace and grandeur of ballet all over again with “Alice Reyes & Ballet Philippines: A 50-Year Legacy in Dance,” available soon in leading bookstores. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

Alice Reyes On Pursuing Excellence At The Ballet Philippines Fifty Years Later


Alice Reyes On Pursuing Excellence At The Ballet Philippines Fifty Years Later