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Pepito Albert, Jonathan Matti, and Mark Wilson Join as Guest Curators of Leon Gallery for its Summer Auction

On April 25, León Gallery will push through with its annual Summer Auction

Claudio Bravo’s Portrait of a Young Man I & II Claudio Bravo’s Portrait of a Young Man I & II

On April 25th, Saturday, Leon Gallery will hold its Summer Auction, and guest-curators for the affair are Pepito Albert, Jonathan Matti, and Mark Wilson. Beneficiary for partial proceeds is Helping Women & Others Foundation (HWAO), led by Libet C. Virata, Bettina Osmena, Tang Singson, Elena Coyiuto, Camille Samson, Gina Aboitiz, and her daughter, Marga A. Zobel. The Foundation has earmarked what it receives from the auction to help continue the support it’s been giving to COVID-19 medical front-liners at the Philippine General Hospital.

To learn more about the auction, and to view the lots, one can head to, and the e-catalog can be accessed at Over 400 handpicked lots, ranging from paintings (from watercolors to oil), sculptures, jade ornaments, rice gods, ancient church beams, candle holders, furniture, ivory, and jewelry will form this auction. One specific highlight is a trove of Spanish gold, including a wide, decorated cuff from the Margarita Cojuangco collection.

Solomon Saprid’s Woman on a Horse (Margarita Cojuangco Collection) Solomon Saprid’s Woman on a Horse (Margarita Cojuangco Collection)

There are furniture pieces thought to be from the Ah Tay workshop, and from Laguna, a unique 19th century mesa altar. Of special mention is a mirror of Geraldine Javier, a series by Claudio Bravo, and paper works from Ryan Villamael that resemble intricate cut armor. Artists represented include Amorsolo, Olmedo, Luz, Alcazaren, Ocampo, Baldemor, Joya, BenCab, and Vitalis, among others. A specially commissioned Solomon Saprid, Woman on a Horse, is also from the Margarita Cojuangco Collection.

In short, for the art patrons and collectors who have been twiddling their thumbs during this quarantine lockdown and looking for a outlet for their collecting cravings, this Summer Auction may well be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. That the Gallery has made a COVID-related angle exist through the HWAO Foundation means that in this atmosphere of stark business survival, it’s important to keep one eye on the ongoing efforts to flatten the coronavirus curve, and try to bring normalcy in as soon a time as possible.

The auction will take place on April 25. For more information, visit and


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