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This Illustrator Created 'Prints For A Cause' To Help Heal The Community Through Art

Purchase a print (or two!) by illustrator Jan Almonte and through Share The Love PH, help out those who need assistance the most!

Unprecedented times such as this pandemic really do call for courageous, bold acts of kindness. Knowing that the past few months have been rough on everyone, in varying degrees, illustrator and artist Jan Almonte had a brilliant creative idea. She thought to help in her own little great act of kindness by creating two special prints, aptly titled ‘Pahinga’ and ‘Sinta’, that will see 100% of its profits from sale going to a worthy cause.

For Prints For A Cause, artist Jan Almonte created two special prints 'Pahinga' and 'Sinta' for a very special cause amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Left to right: 'Pahinga' and 'Sinta' | @janastrid

With a past life in marketing that had consumed her completely—living, breathing, and thriving in the rush of mounting events and meeting new people—Jan Astrid found herself going back to her love for art when she became a graphic artist and then the Art Director of Chalk magazine (and eventually Metro Weddings magazine.) After a few years, Almonte left publishing but the reawakened love for art never left her.

She shares with us how she returned, once more, to her love for drawing and painting: “Between my current full time job in marketing for a retail company and other responsibilities, I was always busy. A few weeks after the pandemic started and the resulting lockdown, I picked up a pencil again and began drawing with all the free time I suddenly had. I found it therapeutic and I guess it was my way of coping with the situation,” she admitted. “It was also during this time that I started thinking of ways to help our frontliners and the people whose livelihoods were affected by the extended quarantine. I had to channel the feelings of sadness, anger, and hopelessness I felt into something more meaningful and constructive.”

'Pahinga' | @janastrid

The idea for Prints For A Cause came to her while she was lying sleepless in bed one night. “I  thought why not put all that drawing I’ve been doing lately to good use and try to raise funds to donate. I have never sold art prints before and I didn’t know where to begin, but once I knew what I wanted to do I felt so motivated and everything flowed from there,” she said. Almonte decided to partner with Share The Love PH. Founded by makeup artist Muriel Vega Perez, Share The Love PH has continuously led Covid-19 relief efforts all over the metro—helping frontliners, displaced workers, and all those who need assistance the most. 

The two had met six years ago, when Almonte was still working for Chalk magazine. “We became friends and I was aware that he would regularly organize outreach programs and donation drives. I chose to partner with Share The Love PH because I saw how many people they were able to help, and how many people they continue to help in the midst of this pandemic. I knew that if I partnered with them, my contributions would go towards helping those that need it the most. I would like to be able to help as many displaced workers and frontliners as possible with the donations collected from the art prints. I also want to be able to raise awareness for Share The Love PH and the amazing work that they do, in the hopes that more people will support their cause.”

'Sinta' | @janastrid

Almonte believes that art, in itself, has the power to move and make people feel a certain way by just looking at it. For her, just being able to inspire or uplift even one person is more than enough reason to continue making art. “To be able to go beyond that and physically help and change people’s lives, makes it even more special. Creating art makes me happy, so to be able to do something that makes me happy and at the same time helps other people is so fulfilling,” she shares.

On the topic of the two prints she created for Prints For A Cause, ‘Pahinga’ (rest) and ‘Sinta’ (beloved), Almonte shares that they are manifestations of some gentle reminders we all can use during this time of uncertainty. “First, we must learn to rest. When things get overwhelming, step back and take a break. We’re all vulnerable to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, but challenges will seem less daunting when you’re well rested and you’ve given yourself room to breathe. Second, remember when you used to take holding hands for granted? Hold your loved ones close and cherish the time you spend together. Don’t pass up the opportunity to show your friends and family you care. Share the love!”

Details of Almonte's work for Prints For A Cause | @janastrid

Those interested in purchasing a print (or two), message Jan Almonte on Facebook ( or on Instagram (@janastrid). To get in touch with Share The Love PH, contact its founder Muriel Vega Perez (@murielvegaperez) on Instagram.