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The Salcedo Auctions Legacy

Now on its 10th year, Salcedo Auctions has fearlessly carved a niche that all Art patrons and enthusiasts can be grateful for. For this month, March 2020, its auction is themed Legacy Redefined

The rise of the auction houses here in the Philippines goes hand in hand with the upward mobility and strengthening of a new generation of entrepreneurs and young business people who have joined the established collectors, and made the acquisition of important Philippine Art one of the signifiers of their having ‘arrived’. It’s easy to look at the status today of establishments such as Salcedo Auctions, and forget the arduous years it took to reach the level of success and prestige they now enjoy. But thanks to professionalism, service, and finding those pieces that will be sought after; Salcedo and other auction houses of their stature, have been enjoying fruitful years.

For this year, the March 14 & 15 auction has been called Legacy Redefined, and it’s over 200 auction pieces that include important Philippine Art, antique furniture, and a selection of stunning, fine jewelry and designer watches. As Salcedo Chairman and Chief Specialist Richie Lerma was happy to relay, “It’s definitely an exciting juncture in Salcedo Auctions history. Beyond being able to offer these coveted pieces, we’re both excited and honored to be able to share the stories of the collectors who have chosen to bring them to us. As true patrons of the Arts, it’s really more than acquiring works. These pieces hold rich stories, and symbolize deep, lifelong connections.”


In the case of the Ang Kiukok works that come from the collection of jewelry artist Celia Molano; the interesting story would be how Molano once had to save Kiukok from deportation. She literally went to the Immigration office to retrieve the documents & papers that would have sent the artist out of the Philippines. As a result, a lifelong friendship ensued, and the Molanos have a rich number of Kiukok’s artworks.

A trio of oil on canvas works by National Artist H. R. Ocampo. They date back to the 1960’s, his seminal abstractionist period, and they provide indelible insight to his style development. There are also early works from the late 1960’s by the Father of Philippine Conceptual Art, Roberto Chabet. These date back to the time Chabet lived in New York with fellow artists Luis Romero and Jose Joya. Name any important Filipino artist of the previous century, and there’ll be some piece representing them in this auction.


Of special note is abstractionist Justin Nuyda donating four artworks that were especially created for this auction. Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer last year, this is Nuyda’s way of paying to the doctors who have been taking care of him. He’s named each painting for an individual doctor, and the proceeds of the sale of the four paintings will head to the Kythe Foundation. The foundation's advocacy is to improve the quality of life of children in hospitals who are afflicted with cancer or other chronic illnesses. It’s Nuyda way of ‘paying it forward’; and one can only hope that the bidding for these four paintings will be aggressive, as that will only mean more financial support for Kythe.

There are ongoing previews of the auction pieces before they all fall under the gavel on March 14 & 15. Just head to the NEX Tower on Ayala Avenue, and enjoy the pieces before they head to their respective private homes, and become restricted viewing. It’s a wonderful selection that deserves its share of the spotlight.