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Bookworm In Your Ear: The Blue Yonder

The skies and what they hold play major roles in the plot development of these two finely written novels; one a fantasy science fiction piece, the other ripe with contemporary social commentary.

The Sky Is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith 



This could almost be described as YA meets science fiction meets fantasy; if it wasn’t also very graphic and liberal, talking about sex and bodily functions. Imagine some dystopian future where a whole city is constantly being ‘torched’ by two dragons that rule the skies that cover the city. Into this scenario we’re introduced to three major protagonists—one a waif-like girl who lives on an island that’s basically a dump site, a la Smokey Mountain; and he cocky heir of a majorly rich family who’s made himself something of a YouTube star. He’s betrothed to a young girl who has an Atomic Blonde kind of mother but is herself longing for romance and even fulfilling sex in her life. The rules they lay by, what Fortune throws in their paths—are what makes this a hugely entertaining read.

The Château by Paul Goldberg



When his good friend, a popular Florida plastic surgeon plummets to his death from the top of a high rise condo, discredited Washington journalist Bill, embarks on a quest to find out why, and possibly write a book about his friend. With no real funds to speak of, Bill opts to stay with his estranged father; a Russian Jew poet who is himself embroiled in the politics of the condo board where he resides. Author of The Yid, a brilliant political satire that was centred on events surrounding the death of Stalin, here is Goldberg at his mischievous best. Still a politicised work, this one operates with Donald Trump’s inaugural looming in the background. The set piece of the condo Board election and the discoveries that follow are wonderfully rendered. Two for two for Goldberg.