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Buy, Tell, And Sell Your Best Stories At This Year’s Komura; Book Fair

There are book fairs where you can buy books, and there are book fairs where you can tell stories. Your own stories.

Komura; book fair allows you to do both.

Taking its cue from Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, this event is a fun collaboration between readers, creators, and storytellers of different ages, backgrounds, and disciplines. It’s a chance for you to enjoy participating in your favorite creative activity—from digital to musical to traditional print format—all in the name of sharing a good story. 

Hosted by the co-working and events space Warehouse Eight and Kwago bookstore, and supported by logistics company Xend, Komura; book fair will be on its second run on June 16, 2018, at La Fuerza Compound, Makati City.


If clever, lyrical, or mind-blowing creative disciplines are your kink, or if you wish to take a break from your daily minutiae in favor of unique self-expression, then prepare to immerse yourself in the finer pursuits like playing locally designed video games and digital storytelling, producing visual poetry and zines, and pitching your most imaginative concepts to potential investors in the hopes of getting them crowdfunded.

There’s also a speakeasy for experimental stage performers, a space for music enthusiasts to sell and swap their prized EPs and LPs. Of course there’s a bar where you can pick your poison from brews to booze as you write down your award-winning draft for that great next novel.



“We want Komura; to be a place where you can discover new artists and writers otherwise unknown, not just a place to buy and sell books,” says Warehouse Eight co-owner and Komura; co-founder Kayla Dionisio of the event’s vision. “You go there to connect, discuss, have a beer with and initiate meaningful conversations with creators in the community.”



As storytelling is considered the gift of creating something out of nothing, or the elevation of the mundane to the ideal, this may well be an offbeat escape for your mind, instead of the usual crowded weekend gimmicks. In a culture that’s infused with passive entertainment, wouldn’t it be nice to become a creator again?

Komura; starts at 10AM sharp on Sunday, June 16. Door charge is PHP 200 for adults, and only PHP 100 for children below 10 years of age. Come early, and you may also receive special treats along with your tickets.