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Unleash Your Inner Beauty Queen With Lessons From Queenmaker Jonas Gaffud

Believe it or not, there is a beauty queen in all of us.

As renowned beauty queen mentor and Aces & Queens head Jonas Gaffud puts it in his book entitled The Crown: Your Essential Guide to Becoming A Beauty Queen, “You have to understand that being a queen, in every sense of the word, means being beautiful inside and out.” And while he also cautions that when you compete in beauty pageants, your looks will really be scrutinized, thankfully, in the real world, we are considered uniquely beautiful with our distinct combination of looks, smarts, talent, and character. So werq it, woman!

The key is to celebrate your special beauty and Jonas, as he gives a crash course on how to be a beauty queen in his book, schools each of us on how to show the world how queenly we are in daily life—crown not necessary.


Jonas says: "Like everything good in life, becoming a beauty queen will take a lot of time and work... Your goal is to be the perfect package."

Driven and accomplished as you are, the next step for you is to be consistent in anything you pursue. Be consistent in your desire to be better today than you were yesterday, no matter how tough the going may get.


Jonas says: "Your aura will always be key. Your aura will help in making your face memorable to the judges."

For beauty pageants, he recommends taking it easy on the accessories so the focus of people's attention will be your face. This is definitely applicable in real life, too. Overaccessorizing just takes away from your innate beauty, so keep things simple and classy.


Jonas says: "Your hair should never overpower your face. It should not cover your face."

No matter how smooth and silky your tresses are, they still should not steal the spotlight away from your face.


Jonas says: "It's a myth that beauty queens should be super thin... Internationally, judges want a body that is not too thin but not too toned. Effortless ang dating, kumbaga."

This just reinforces what so many fitspos have been saying: A healthy lifestyle is what will give you that body you covet. So do what your grandmother and all those health and wellness books have been telling you: Eat right, exercise, sleep well, drink lots of water, and maintain a happy disposition, and keep a happy heart!


Jonas says: "Actually, even with every day living, the quieter you are, the less complicated your life will be. Less enemies, less heartbreak, less haters."

Steer clear of drama—it will do nothing good for you, your skin, your heart, and your life. Need we say more?


Jonas says: "Don't forget to stand for something. Either people will hate you or will love you more, but what's most important is you speak your mind. Hindi naman kailangan world peace agad but always stand for something."

But if you want to stand for world peace, why not?


Jonas says: "Finish strong. Often the last few sentences you say are the last things that anyone will ever remember. So choose your words properly. Stay calm and focused. Never buckle under pressure."

Speak from the heart but take your brain with you. ;)


Own your journey, own your beauty—and the world, the universe rather, won't be able to help but take notice.


The Crown: Your Essential Guide to Becoming A Beauty Queen, published by ABS-CBN Publishing, is available in all National Book Store branches nationwide for P295.


Photograph from Jonas Gaffud's Facebook page