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5 Memoirs That Will Help You Get Through the Quarantine

From Gloria Steinem to Ariel Levy, we’ve handpicked five helpful, must-read memoirs for frustrating times

It is a brand new day. You wake up, look out the window, and continue the rest of your day indoors. Some days are good, others cause you to be riddled with cabin fever. This is where books come in handy during the quarantine, as they transport you into another world, helping you exercise your imagination. 

“What is writing? Telepathy, of course… all the arts depend upon telepathy to some degree, but I believe that writing offers the purest distillation,” wrote Stephen King once in his popular memoir, On Writing. In addition to fulfilling this, of course, a book also serves as comfort and motivation during such frustrating times. Having said all this, here are helpful memoirs that I highly recommend: 


1. Educated by Tara Westover

Author Tara Westover was born to survivalist parents, and because of their extreme beliefs that isolated them from mainstream society, she first set foot in a classroom when she was 17. The journey to get there, however, was tough. A unique coming-of-age story of resilience and reinvention, the book was incredibly hard to put down.

2. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE by Phil Knight

While we’re all familiar with Nike, many of us don’t know much about Phil Knight, the brand’s private, introverted founder. At a time where success and fame seem to happen overnight, Shoe Dog paints us a real picture of what success really looks like, setbacks and all. In addition to this, it is beautifully written and full of heart—you may find yourself even tearing up a few times!

3. My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

Reading about Gloria Steinem’s life through her own words will make you look up to her even more. While her image is that of a successful journalist and leader of the feminist movement, her book brings her down to earth. A candid account of her travels and the individuals she had encountered, she leaves nuggets of wisdom that will surely inspire you to listen and take in the world around you.

Female-Written Memoirs You Need To Add To Your Reading List Right Now


Female-Written Memoirs You Need To Add To Your Reading List Right Now

4. Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

There’s something about Dolly Alderton’s writing that makes her seem like a close friend. Heartwarming, honest, and funny, her memoir talks about the many facets of growing up—from heartbreak to female friendship to career. One of the most relatable memoirs I’ve ever read.

5. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

Journalist Ariel Levy was once on top of the world in terms of her career and love life. And then one day, she found that she had nothing. A story of loss and reinvention, The Rules Do Not Apply will move you and inspire you to pick yourself up again when faced with life’s many challenges.

In Lauren Ho’s ‘Last Tang Standing,’ having life not put together is fine and okay


In Lauren Ho’s ‘Last Tang Standing,’ having life not put together is fine and okay

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