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My Canadian Boyfriend: A New Book That Celebrates The Man Who Puts The ‘Lit’ In ‘Politics’

“I have a boyfriend,” the book’s introduction reads. “You haven’t met him. He lives in Canada. His name is Justin Trudeau.”

If I had a Canadian dollar for every adoring fan who would love to say that for real, I’d have enough Canadian dollars to take me all the way to Canada.



My Canadian Boyfriend, Justin Trudeau by a certain Carrie Parker (Universe Publishing) is a hilarious homage to one of this generation’s most attractive political figures. Filled with over 120 grainy, ‘art’ photos punctuated by starry-eyed captions, this book is a reminder that there are men like him who put “the prime in prime minister.”


Some of the captions you’ll find are cheesy.


And some are downright cheeky.



The author professes real love for Trudeau, but she sounds a tad fictitious. Depending on how attracted you are to the man, the book may as well be written you – as well as thousands of other fans around the world. And the introduction gushes as to how the ‘author’ (again, probably you) first laid eyes on him.

“Justin had just won some national contest for adorableness or something. Thousands stood cheering him,” the book says. “I, too, rose to my feet, and as the crumbs of various salty-sweet snack foods fell from my lap, the weight of the world fell from my shoulders. I saw happiness in his smile. I saw Future Me introducing him at brunch to my mother, who was just about to embarrass me by showing him photos of High School Me.”

And if that weren’t enough, My Canadian Boyfriend, Justin Trudeau is the publisher’s follow-up to the 2018 wall calendar.



If you’re a big fan or the man himself, a collector of quick tongue-in-cheek visual humor, or want a fun coffee table read that you can “Ooh” and “Aah” over with your friends, this is a book we’d gladly recommend that you order now from Amazon. It’s best read by the flickering light of the Justin Trudeau scented candle.


Cover photo by 2017 Canada Summer Games (WikiCommons)

Thumbnail photo by @CanadianBoyfriendJustinTrudeau