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Reader On The Road: How Going On Vacation Can Rekindle Your Joy Of Getting Lost In A Book

Have you read a book so gripping that the ugly reality around you simply melted away?

A good book is often likened to travel in that both can take you to interestingly beautiful places you’ve never imagined before. And combining the two can be nothing short of a soul-enriching experience.

That said, plenty of travelers prefer to tote around a Kindle, Nook, or another e-book reader on their phone, and with good reason: convenience. You can easily stash hundreds of titles in one device and flip through their pages just as rapidly. But where’s the fun in that?  There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about reading a physical book, with its old-fashioned charm, that a digital gizmo can’t beat. Especially when you’re on vacationing on the road.


Photo by Bethany Laird from Unsplash


One of the best things about taking a book with you on your getaway is being able to carve out time to read. You’re in charge of your itinerary, and it’s not like you’ll be sightseeing or hitting the locale 24/7. Without the daily minutiae to worry about, you suddenly have this humongous chunk of free time for immersing yourself in a printed story as you relax.

And why are we pushing for an actual physical book as opposed to a digital reader?

Traveling on vacation gives you a chance to disengage from your daily drudgery, slow down from your hectic schedule, and disconnect from your online media. Even if an e-book reader is more lightweight and easier to pack with plenty of files, it can still be an echo of the digital noise your mind needs a break from. A printed book, heftier and bulkier as it may be, allows you to slow down and even reset your attention span by giving you just one thing to focus on. 

A change of scenery also calls for full sensory engagement with new sights, sounds, smells, flavors, and textures. It’s the same with a printed book. Its weight, the feel of the paper under your fingers, the sour smell of ink and perhaps binding glue, and the sight of words and images that don’t require any backlighting – all of these provide a richer experience for your body and mind. And because your physical senses are engaged, it helps stimulate better memory retention. 

If you’re overwhelmed in a new place, a physical book can be a more comforting object than a digital reader, because it simply goes better with a cup of hot chocolate and a window seat. It’s a great tool for starting conversations with like-minded strangers. You don’t need to worry if it needs 220 or 110 volts for recharging. And on a practical level, your e-book reader is more likely to get stolen. Maybe unless it’s a serial book bandit you’re contending with.

On your next travel destination, we recommend taking a nice printed book along with you. After all, the point of getting lost in a new place with a new story is to find a new you.  


Thumbnail photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels

Banner photo by JP Valery from Unsplash